A wonderful autumn barbecue with Barbecook

Autumn is in the air and the weather is cooling down. People start to make it extra cosy inside and quietly reduce outdoor activities. However, Barbecook is happy to provide some tips to fully enjoy cosy outdoor moments during autumn and winter!

A wonderful autumn barbecue with Barbecook

A successful autumn barbecue

Not only during summer, also in autumn and winter a barbecue is perfectly possible. Enjoying grilled delicacies under the fluttering leaves with friends or family, what more could you ask for. Autumn brings delicious, unique flavours and ingredients that are perfect for a successful barbecue. Think of celeriac, pumpkin or beetroot, all perfect ingredients for a delicious autumn barbecue!

An autumn barbecue can be organised with any barbecue: from gas to charcoal or even with a plancha or electric grill. So no need to buy a new appliance for an autumn barbecue. However, there are some barbecues that add that little extra cosy vibe.

Junko wood barbecue

Always dreamed of cooking over an open fire? Then Barbecook's Junko is really something for you. This wood barbecue consists of a fire bowl, a tripod and a pulley system. All kind of accessories can be hung on the pulley system, such as a cooking grid, pans or pots. While cooking, the guests can join the chef to warm themselves around the crackling fire of the Junko.

Rila wood barbecue

Barbecook's Rila is also ideal during the autumn and winter months, a wood barbecue with geometric base and carbon steel cooking plate. The hexagonal shape of the plate allows any guest to prepare delicacies of their choice.

Rila wood barbecue - leftRila wood barbecue - right


barbecue smoker is an appliance that gives your ingredients a delicious smoky flavour. Hot smoking is possible all year long. Cold smoking, however, is ideal during the winter months. Cold smoking can be done with a smoker or with any barbecue that has a lid. When smoking cold, your preparation will only be smoked, but not cooked. This is done at a low temperature, between 20 and 25 °C, which means that you don’t have to light your smoker/barbecue. All you need is Barbecook’s generator for cold smoking which you fill with smoke dust and allow to smoulder with the help of a tea light. The generator needs to be placed inside your appliance. You gently blow out the flame as soon as the smoke dust starts to discolour. The smoke should be thin and bluish in colour. Next, you place the ingredients on the grill or hang them on the hooks of your smoker. Always follow the smoking times indicated in your recipe, but also take into account your own preference of how intense you want the smoke flavour to be. Cold smoking takes at least 2 hours, so do not try to take your preparation out earlier. Patience is a great virtue!

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Cosy moments around the fire pit

As soon as the temperature begins to dip, a fire bowl or basket is the ideal object to sit around to warm up. It’s a great way to bring friends and family together, after a long autumn walk, during the winter holidays or even when organizing an outdoor movie night. Add marshmallows, a hot chocolate and some fleece blankets to make it extra memorable. Barbecook has a nice range of solid fire bowls and fire baskets in different sizes and shapes. These are made of cast iron, corten steel or of lacquered steel with black heat-resistant paint, and every single piece is of the highest quality!

Cosy moments around the fire pit - leftCosy moments around the fire pit - right

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