Gas BBQ vs. charcoal BBQ

When you are planning on buying a BBQ, the big question is whether it will be a charcoal BBQ or a gas BBQ. Fervent grill experts are more likely to opt for a charcoal BBQ because of the typical authentic experience. However, a gas BBQ is also a popular choice because of its user-friendly character. Whatever you choose, each type of appliance has its own unique advantages. Below, we will briefly go over some of the advantages of both the gas BBQ and the charcoal BBQ. Find out which type of appliance suits you best! 

Gas BBQ vs. charcoal BBQ

What are the advantages of a charcoal BBQ?

Choosing a charcoal BBQ is choosing an authentic experience. Lighting this type of barbecue involves a little more adventure than any other type of BBQ. You must manage to get your coals or briquettes glowing. A BBQ with the QuickStart® system simplifies this process: with a few sheets of newspaper and the right techniques, the job is done after about 15 minutes. The use of a charcoal starter is also ideal to get your BBQ up and running within a short period of time. A charcoal BBQ is known for being able to reach very high temperatures: up to 500 °C and more! Furthermore, it’s undeniable that the unmistakable taste and delicious smell of a charcoal BBQ provides the ultimate BBQ experience!

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The advantages of a gas BBQ

A gas BBQ is characterised by its user-friendliness: this type of barbecue is easy to light in a minimum of time. Have a look at our blogpost where you find out exactly how to light a gas BBQ. With a gas BBQ, you can count on a fairly accurate and constant temperature. Thanks to the lid, you keep maximum control, so wind or cold can't cope with your preparations. The temperature can easily be raised or lowered thanks to the control buttons. However, this type of BBQ will never be as hot as a charcoal BBQ. The maximum temperature of a gas BBQ is between 200 and 250 °C. In addition, a gas BBQ hardly brings any smoke or pollutants with it. Finally, cleaning your gas BBQ requires a little less work than a charcoal BBQ. You don't have to remove ashes afterwards, all you have to do is give your grids a thorough cleaning and occasionally your gas burners as well.

Barbecook offers gas BBQ’s in various shapes and sizes. Discover the different models of the SpringSiesta and Stella.

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