Magnus pizza oven X The BBQ Bastard

Is there anything tastier than pizza? Perhaps there is: pizzas baked on a barbecue! Treat yourself to a delightful pizza evening with the Barbecook Magnus. Belgian barbecue expert and avid BBQ lover The BBQ Bastard has already tested the Magnus pizza oven and is completely convinced. Have you already purchased a Magnus and are you ready to elevate your barbecue skills with the Magnus pizza oven? Then keep reading!
Magnus pizza oven X The BBQ Bastard

Magnus pizza oven

At Barbecook, we understand that not everyone has the space or budget to acquire every desired kitchen appliance. Therefore, we strive to make our new devices as versatile as possible. Take, for example, the Barbecook Magnus charcoal barbecue, this isn’t just any BBQ. With the Magnus, you can grill directly and indirectly, smoke, bake pizzas and even roast a chicken on the spit. For the true pizza lover dreaming of their own pizza oven, Magnus offers a practical solution. The biggest advantage? It's super easy too!

pizza - leftpizza - right

How to operate?

To bake the perfect pizza on your Barbecook Magnus, it's essential to start with the ideal temperature. Begin by placing some charcoal in the Magnus charcoal starter and light it using a few fire starters. After about 15 minutes, when the charcoal is covered with a grey ash layer, pour it into the barbecue. Then add extra charcoal and wait another 15 minutes. Next, push the charcoal to the sides of the barbecue and place the Magnus pizza oven, including the pizza stone, on the barbecue. Ensure that there is no charcoal directly under the stone to prevent your pizza from burning. Here we use a method of indirect heat. Let the pizza stone heat up well before placing the pizza on it. You can easily track the temperature thanks to the built-in thermometer! Ideally, it should be at 300 degrees for cooking a pizza.

Next, top the pizza dough with your favorite toppings! Those who want to follow the real Italian style shouldn’t overload it! Less is more! Make it easy on yourself and prepare the pizza directly on the Barbecook pizza spatel. Sprinkle the spatula full of semolina and place the pizza dough on it! After topping, you can slide the pizza straight into the Magnus pizza oven.

spatel - leftspatel - right

Once the pizza is in the oven, it's better to stay nearby. The pizza should be in the oven for no more than three minutes. In between, it’s important to turn it regularly, ensuring it bakes evenly on all sides.

The BBQ Bastard on the Magnus pizza oven

In a recent conversation with The BBQ Bastard, we discussed his experiences with the new pizza oven for the Barbecook Magnus. He was enthusiastic: "The result was delicious! The combination of a crispy base, a fluffy crust, and perfectly cooked toppings created a taste experience that rivals that of our favorite pizzeria. My family was also very satisfied; they couldn't stop eating the pizzas. Although the pizza might not have been quite perfect, it certainly came close to the experience you get with a traditional wood-fired pizza oven. It was definitely a successful test for the Barbecook Magnus pizza oven!"

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