Explore more: Barbecook's countless barbecue accessories

Many people don’t realise that the possibilities of barbecuing are endless. This is also proven by Barbecook, because in addition to a diverse range of barbecues, the brand also offers countless handy barbecue accessories. Ideal to meet everyone's grill needs! One person likes a delicious smoked fish, the other a nice crispy pizza. No worries, we’ve taken everyone into account. In this article we present a selection of fun barbecue accessories that no BBQ lover will be able to resist!

Explore more: Barbecook's countless barbecue accessories

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Barbecue bags

A tasty papillote on the barbecue? Thanks to the barbecue bags of Barbecook, the job is done in no time. Put your ingredients in the bag, fold it and place it on the barbecue with the transparent side upwards. Poke a few holes in it to let the steam escape. Once done, tear open the transparent side et voilà! Great taste and minimal mess, what do you want more?

Brochette holder

Brochettes means party time! But how do you prepare them on the barbecue as efficiently as possible? With a brochette holder of course! Barbecook offers one in which you can clamp up to five brochettes. Why choose difficult when you can also do it easily?

Poultry roaster

Nothing tastes better than a delicious chicken on the barbecue! But how do you start? Barbecook is pleased to help you with its stainless steel poultry roaster, an ingenious tool based on the well-known 'beer can chicken' system. With this method, a chicken is slid over an opened can of beer and thus placed on the barbecue. The Barbecook poultry roaster works in a similar way, only you can fill this barbecue accessory with aromatics and drinks of your choice. 

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How does it work? Prepare your barbecue for indirect grilling and heat up to a temperature of 210°C. Meanwhile, pat your chicken dry with some kitchen paper and then brush it with a dry spice mixture of your choice. Put half a can of beer, soda or some wine in the cup of the poultry roaster and add matching spices. Put some water-soaked smoking chips in a smoker box for extra flavour. Place the chicken on your barbecue for 60-80 minutes with the lid closed. In between, watch as little as possible, but do check with a thermometer whether the breast has a core temperature of 70°C and the thigh one of 85°C. Result after more than an hour: crispy on the outside, nice and tender on the inside. Let your chicken rest for 10 minutes before eating! Enjoy your meal!

Pizza stone

These days, you don't have to leave your house to enjoy a foreign experience. How about a culinary trip to Italy? We would love to! We spontaneously think of a crispy pizza topped with irresistible toppings! But what is the best way to prepare it? On the barbecue of course! Get to know the round and rectangular pizza stones of Barbecook, made of refractory clay and suitable for gas and charcoal barbecues. How does it work? Place the pizza stone on a preheated barbecue (250 to 300 °C) and warm up for 10 minutes. Sprinkle a handful of flour on the stone and carefully slide the topped pizza onto it. Then let the pizza cook under a closed lid (or dome). The heat will be evenly distributed on the stone, so the pizza crust will bake evenly. This way you get a nice crispy bottom. Buen Appetito!

Chicken wing rack

Use Barbecook's handy chicken wing rack to prepare up to 12 chicken wings or drumsticks at the same time. Includes holder to catch dripping fat! Drumstick, anyone?

Rib rack

Ribs, a real barbecue classic! Use the rib rack of Barbecook to prepare these delicacies in an indirect way. This way, these giants take up much less space and you can grill other things at the same time. 

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Smoke planks

Did you know that it is very easy to add a delicious smoke flavor to your meat or fish thanks to a simple plank? It may sound crazy, a wooden board on the barbecue, but it really works. This method is mainly used to prepare fish, and salmon is the smoke plank classic. There are different kinds of planks that each provide a specific taste. Barbecook offers three options: cedar planksbeech planks and alder planks. The most widely used are the cedar boards. But how does it work? It's pretty simple. Soak the plank in water overnight; enthusiasts can also add some wine. Place the wet plank on the hottest part of the barbecue and leave until the bottom darkens and starts to smoke. Then turn the plank over and place it on a slightly less hot part of the barbecue. Then place your piece of meat or fish on it and remove it when it is done. Delicious!

Barbecook Dome

A lot of the above-mentioned accessories are best used in combination with a barbecue with a lid. However, a lot of charcoal barbecues don’t have a lid. No worries, Barbecook also came up with a solution for this: the Barbecook dome. Barbecook's dome can, for example, very easily be attached to the Loewy 50. This dome functions, as it were, as a lid and thanks to its reflecting effect and adjustability in height, the heat of your charcoal fire is perfectly distributed and reflected to your preparations. Flavor bombs guaranteed!

In addition to the handy tools mentioned above, Barbecook naturally offers many other fun barbecue accessories. Discover them all and let’s get started!

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