How do you make your barbecue winterproof?

When summer is officially over and the first leaves of the trees start to whirl, it's time to prepare ourselves for colder days! Also your barbecues need to be prepared for winter. Of course, even during the coldest season of the year, many barbecue enthusiasts will keep on grilling, because what could be nicer than a cosy barbecue during the winter? If you do choose to give your barbecue a well-deserved hibernation, then follow the tips & tricks below!  

How do you make your barbecue winterproof?

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Disconnect the gas bottle of your barbecue

If you have a gas barbecue, disconnect the gas bottle and store it in a well-ventilated outdoor area such as your garden shed.

Remove the batteries of your barbecue

Some barbecues contain batteries. It is recommended to take them out if you don't plan to use your barbecue during the winter season. These can start to run out.

Clean the grids of your barbecue

Thoroughly clean the grids of your barbecue using the Barbecook foam cleaner. Let it soak in for a while and rinse with warm water and a sponge. Then dry your grids thoroughly and rub lightly with vegetable oil. Wrap in paper and store them indoors.

Clean your barbecue as a whole

Your barbecue as a whole is best cleaned with warm water and a sponge. Be careful with aggressive detergents, prefer pH-neutral soap. Thoroughly wash the drip trays as well. Afterwards, dry everything very well and store your barbecue in a dry place, such as your garage or garden shed. 

Pull a cover over your barbecue

Try to make a habit of pulling a cover over your barbecue after every use, both winter and summer. Make sure your barbecue has definitely cooled down. To prevent rust and wear and tear, it is advisable to take off your cover after a rainstorm and let it dry in the sun. In winter, it is best to place your barbecue with cover in a dry place, such as in your garage or garden shed.


Are you still jittery about using your barbecue during winter?

Nowadays, many people choose to prepare winter preparations on the barbecue as well. They are right! In this case, we recommend that you don't put your barbecue too far away, but still offer the necessary protection against the harsh winter temperatures. By the way, did you know that winter is the ideal time to do some cold smoking with your gas barbecue or the Barbecook Oskar? Let's try it out!

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