S'mores on the BBQ

Nothing is more fun than ending a cosy evening with family or friends around a firepit. S'mores, a typical American snack for which you only need 3 ingredients, are made for such fun evenings. You put toasted marshmallows and chocolate between two cookies: very simple and super tasty! The big advantage of s'mores is that everyone can make it while just sitting or standing around the firepit. A snack that will undoubtedly score you points. Let’s get started!

S'mores on the BBQ

Preparation of s'mores on the BBQ

To prepare the s'mores, we use the Barbecook Edson. The Edson is orginal, fun and very easy to use. We will use the Edson BBQ as a kind of fire bowl so you don't need to put the grill on top. Heat the barrel to toast the marshmallows over it.

Take 2 cookies and put the chocolate between them. We use Jules Destrooper's natural butter biscuits in this recipe. Prick the marshmallows on a Barbecook skewer. Barbecook offers skewers made of stainless steelchrome and bamboo. Plenty of choice! Always make sure that you hold your skewer at a safe distance from the fire. Hold the marshmallows about ten centimetres above the fire and let them slowly become smooth. Turn the marshmallows frequently until they get a nice golden brown color on all sides. Then remove the hot marshmallows from the skewers and place them between the cookies with chocolate. Press the cookies firmly so that the chocolate starts to melt. Done!

A mouth-watering dessert!


Extra tips

Instead of skewers you can also use a reusable grill pan (made of stainless steel or enamel) or a disposable barbecue bowl. You prepare the combination of cookies, chocolate and marshmallows in advance and put them in the plates. Then, you put the plates with s’mores on the BBQ and you let everything become deliciously smooth. Yummy!