How do you maintain your Barbecook Nestor?

As the proud owner of a Barbecook Nestor barbecue, you naturally want to ensure that it is always in top condition. Good maintenance is therefore essential. That is why in this blog post we give you some handy tips for maintaining your barbecue, so that you can enjoy it for years to come. Fortunately, the Easy Clean pillar is central to the Nestor and you will have your BBQ cleaned in 1 2 3! 

How do you maintain your Barbecook Nestor?

How do you maintain the cooking plates?

The cooking plates of the Nestor wood barbecue are made of 6 mm thick carbon steel, which means they are resistant to scratches. Yey! To ensure that these plates have a long life, it is important to maintain them properly. Therefore, store them in a dry place, such as your garden shed or your garage to prevent rusting and preserve their beauty.

The Nestor wood barbecue's 2 removable cooking plates make storage a breeze! But don't forget to clean the cooking plates thoroughly before storing them. Read on in this blog article how to easily clean these cooking plates!

To keep the cooking plates in good condition, it is important to oil them well before, during and after grilling. For this, it is best to use sunflower oil or rice oil. Olive oil is less suitable due to its too low combustion point. Grease both the surface, and the edges well. The heat of the fire causes the oil to bake into the plates, thus forming a natural protective layer. This prevents corrosion. If surface corrosion (fly rust) has developed anyway, you can remove it with steel wool.

How do you clean your cooking plates after grilling?

To clean your cooking plates, you can use sparkling water. First pour some sparkling water over your cooking plates, this will cause proteins to solidify. Then you scrape the dirt that comes loose in the bowl of the Nestor using the Barbecook spatula. Do this a few times, so that you have been everywhere on the plates. Next, take some kitchen roll between your Barbecook tongs and go over the cooking plates with it to remove the excess grease. The pillar Easy clean with the Nestor BBQ is certainly not a lie! After cleaning with sparkling water, it is important to re-oil the plates to keep them well protected.

See how you can clean your Nestor plates!

Storing your Nestor

When not using the Barbecook Nestor wood barbecue for a longer period of time, it is important to protect the cooking plates properly. You can use the Barbecook stainless steel cover plate for this. This ensures that rainwater does not come into contact with the plates and they will not rust. If you do not have a cover plate, remove the plates from the BBQ and store them in a dry place, oiled and ready for the next use.

How do you maintain the ash collection pot?

The Barbecook Nestor is equipped with an ash collection pot! This ensures that you can always clean up your Nestor as easily and quickly as possible after use. After grilling, you simply wipe all ashes into the ash pot and that's it! If that's not Easy Clean! Of course, it is important to empty this ashtray after each session. You can easily take the ashtray out and clean it. By cleaning it regularly, you prevent dirt from accumulating and becoming harder to remove. After use, we recommend placing the empty ashtray upside down on the central opening. This prevents the ashtray from filling with rainwater. Rainwater is a real felon when it comes to rust!

With these handy tips, you can ensure that your Barbecook Nestor BBQ is always clean and ready for use! By performing regular maintenance and protecting the cooking plates properly, you can enjoy delicious barbecue dishes for years to come. 

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