Everything about Nestor's plates: Get the most out of your BBQ!

It's the first BBQ of the season and you notice some light to significant rust formation on your Barbecook Nestor griddle plates, don't panic! This is normal for an open fire BBQ and can easily be remedied. Today, we are excited to share some useful tips and tricks on using and maintaining the Nestor plates. This way, you can maximize your barbecue experience and ensure a long lifespan for your Barbecook Nestor.

Everything about Nestor's plates: Get the most out of your BBQ!

Barbecook Nestor Plates

The plates of the Barbecook Nestor, and open fire BBQs in general, are always a hot topic at the start of the BBQ season! The plates for the Barbecook Nestor are made from high-quality carbon steel. Carbon steel ensures an even distribution of heat, preventing cold spots and ensuring food is grilled evenly. The material is strong and durable, capable of withstanding high temperatures and intense use without deforming. Additionally, carbon steel develops a natural non-stick layer, known as 'seasoning', which prevents food from sticking without the use of chemicals. These properties make carbon steel ideal for BBQ plates, both for home use and in professional kitchens.

Carbon steel requires some attention to function optimally, especially to prevent rust formation. It is important to keep the plates dry after each use and to oil them regularly, even when not in use. This oiling is crucial; it not only protects against rust but also helps in developing and maintaining the natural non-stick layer. This layer improves with each use, provided the plate is maintained correctly. Regular maintenance ensures optimal heat conduction and extends the lifespan of the plate. With proper care, a carbon steel griddle plate can last many years, making it a valuable investment for any BBQ enthusiast.

Every grilling session with Nestor begins and ends in the same way, namely with thorough oiling of the plates. We recommend always using a natural oil such as sunflower oil or rice oil.

What about rust?

Forgot to oil your plates and now you've got rust? Don't panic, as this is characteristic of the material! You can easily solve this issue with the following steps (applicable for Version 1 and Version 2 of the Nestor plates*):

  1. Rub the plates thoroughly with cleaning vinegar.
  2. Sprinkle enough bicarbonate (baking soda) over the plates.
  3. Scrub the mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate vigorously using the Barbecook FSC steel brush and let it sit for a while.
  4. Remove the mixture with paper towels.
  5. Sand off the last remnants with fine sandpaper.
  6. Heat up the Nestor so that the plates become very hot.
  7. Rub the plates extensively with a natural oil.
  8. You are now ready to grill!
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Do you have Version 3 of the Nestor plates*?

Since 2024, Nestor plates also feature a ceramic coating, which simplifies the cooking experience. These plates are better protected against rust formation. Cleaning these plates is easy; just use some sparkling water, natural oil, and a paper towel on the hot plate. Make sure the plates are well-heated before use.

For the first use of these ceramic-coated plates, it is important to generously oil them at least four times, allowing the oil to absorb properly on a hot plate. Ensure the plates are well heated before applying the oil. For regular use, it suffices to oil the plates once before and after each use. Also, do not forget to thoroughly oil the plates occasionally during periods when not grilling.

Important: Do not scrub these plates harshly, unless you need to remove a rust spot.

*How to distinguish between the different versions of the Nestor grill plates:

  • Version 1: The first Nestor plates have slots in each corner. They fit perfectly into Nestor and stay firmly in place.
  • Version 2: These plates have no slots, but raised edges.
  • Version 3: These plates have raised edges and a small hole in the plate, which was added to incorporate the ceramic coating.

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