Grilling with a spark: A Tasty BBQ Party with E-Carlo

Nothing more fun than a cosy barbecue with friends and family. But what if you don't have a big garden or prefer a more compact and eco-friendly barbecue experience? Barbecook has the perfect solution called E-Carlo!
Grilling with a spark: A Tasty BBQ Party with E-Carlo

Electric BBQ: Small in Size, Big in Flavour

While traditional charcoal and gas barbecues have their own charm, the Barbecook E-Carlo brings with it a range of advantages that may not yet be fully on your radar.

Firstly, the E-Carlo is very compact, allowing you to move it to your terrace, balcony or even your boat with the greatest of ease. Fancy a bbq on holiday? No problem! E-Carlo comes with a handy carrying bag, making it very easy to take it anywhere.

But that's not all! Grilling with an electric barbecue also means grilling without smoke or annoying smells. With the Barbecook E-Carlo, you light the barbecue and can start a delicious barbecue party within just 5 minutes. The ease and speed with which you can enjoy tasty dishes are impressive. What more could you wish for? Go for even more fun with the Carlo Plancha plate!

Party done? Clean the E-Carlo easily thanks to the movable resistances and place the grid and fat collection tray in the dishwasher!

The big question is: which colour do you choose? Trendy Barbecook Red, elegant and hip Paris Green or stylish Midnight Grey?


The Barbecook menu

A great BBQ party is all about food and with an electric table barbecue, the possibilities of delicious dishes are endless. Think succulent steak, grilled vegetables, flavoursome fish or seafood. Please don't forget about the desserts! These too can be prepared on E-Carlo without any difficulty.

Here is our suggestion for a tasty menu:
Starter: Camembert with garden herbs, honey and grilled bread
Main course: chicken with pineapple, served with a fresh salad, new potatoes and an assortment of barbecue sauces.
Dessert: skewers with marshmellow, strawberry and banana finished with melted milk chocolate.

ECarlo - leftE Carlo - right
e Carlo

Whether you are an experienced chef or just looking for a fun way to spend time with friends and family, an electric table barbecue is a great choice for a tasty and fun BBQ party. So, invite your guests over, plug in and enjoy delicious grilled food and great memories!

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