A fun evening with friends and your very best friend Joya!

At Barbecook, we know that there is nothing cozier than an evening barbecuing with friends. And if you can then also enjoy the compact and handy Joya BBQ, then the party can really begin!

A fun evening with friends and your very best friend Joya!

The Joya BBQ by Barbecook is a stylish and compact table barbecue that is perfect for a city garden or for the balcony of a small flat! With its sleek design and powerful performance, the Joya is ideal for a cosy evening with friends. This barbecue runs on charcoal or briquettes, allowing you to enjoy the authentic barbecue flavour. The Joya table bbq is ideal to use in small company, up to four people.

But how do you organise such a cosy evening with friends and the barbecue Joya? Here are some tips:

1. Choose a suitable location

Thanks to the Joya's compactness, you can use it wherever you want! Choose a place where you have enough space to barbecue and where your friends can sit together. Ideally, you should place the BBQ in the middle of the table so that everyone can grill their own ingredients.

2. Prepare the right dishes

With this table BBQ, you can prepare all kinds of dishes, from meat and fish to vegetables and even dessert. Make sure you have the right ingredients and supplies beforehand, so you can get started easily and quickly. A bamboo cutting board and the Barbecook chef's knife can't be missing when preparing your BBQ! Furthermore, 2 accessories are also included as standard with the Joya BBQ: 4 RVS tongs and a plancha plate. Thanks to the tongs, everyone has their own pair of tongs and you can turn your ingredients while grilling. In turn, the plancha plate is great for scampi or cherry tomatoes. That way they can't fall through the grill!

As icing on the cake, you can also use the Barbecook turntable with 6 bowls to spoil your guests with tasty sauces. Put the Joya in the middle of the turntable and fill the bowls with your favourite dips and dressings. This makes barbecuing a real party!

TIP: Be sure to try pangasius fillet with fresh garden herbs. Combine with seaweed for a delicious flavour. Tasty and healthy! To add extra flavour, marinate it with Barbecook's marinade brush.

3. Make it cosy

A cosy evening with friends is not only about the food, but also about the atmosphere. For example, have nice drinks ready and provide some mood lighting. Add the right music and company and it is guaranteed to be a successful evening! On Spotify, you can find the Barbecook playlist 'The taste of fun'. We are sure it will provide a solid portion of ambiance! 

4. Keep it safe

Safety comes first, even during a cosy evening with friends and the Joya table BBQ. Make sure the barbecue is on a flat and stable surface and keep children and pets at a safe distance. Before lighting the table barbecue, always pour some water into the bowl! That way it won't get hot and you won't have to worry about bandaged fingers.

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