Tips & tricks for fish on the BBQ

Many people automatically think of meat when they think of barbecue, a wrong thought if you ask us! Equally delicious is a good piece of grilled fish. Whether you like sea bass, cod, salmon or even tuna, everything is possible on the BBQ! Fish on brochettes, in a papillot or in a BBQ fish grill, discover the countless possibilities of fish on the BBQ!

Tips & tricks for fish on the BBQ

The countless possibilities of fish on the BBQ with Barbecook's accessories

As you probably already understood by now, you can do many things with fish on the BBQ, and of course… thanks to Barbecook's accessories. Besides a wide range of barbecues the brand offers an even wider range of accessories. To satisfy everyone's grilling wishes! 

Barbecook fish grill

The Barbecook fish grill is a popular choice if you wish to grill a complete fish on the barbecue. Barbecook offers a BBQ fish grill for 1 fish, but also one in which you can put 3 fish at the same time. The big advantage of the fish grill: your fish will not stick to the grid so you can easily turn it during grilling without the fish falling apart. This is a common problem when grilling fish on the BBQ: because of the tender and fragile structure a fish falls apart more easily. So the BBQ fish grill is the ideal solution for this!

Additional tips for grilling an entire fish on the BBQ:

  • Make some indentations widthwise and along both sides of your fish. This way the heat will penetrate the fish faster and it will cook evenly.
  • Don't put the tail of the fish over the hottest part of your BBQ, the meat is thinner here, so it bakes much faster than the other parts of your fish.
  • Want to give your fish a special touch? Then wrap it in a banana leaf, coal leaf or in soaked fennel branches. Thanks to the fish grill, you can keep everything together. Bet you'll be amazed at the taste!
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Barbecook skewers and brochette holder

Making brochettes with fish, it’s perfectly possible thanks to Barbecook's extensive offer of skewers: in chrome with wooden handlein stainless steel with wooden handlecompletely from stainless steel, or even from bamboo. Options in abundance! When you're going to make brochettes, choose firm fish such as sea bass, sea wolf or salmon. This will prevent the fish from falling off your brochette. Preferably combine with vegetables that require a short cooking time. Lightly grease your fish skewers with some oil or marinade before placing them on the grill. To prevent pieces from falling through the grill, you can use Barbecook's brochette holder. With this handy accessory, you can attach up to 5 brochettes at the same time. In addition, the brochette holder is equipped with a container in which any broken off pieces can end up.  

Barbecook barbecue bags

The possibilities don’t stop with the BBQ fish grill or fish skewers, because with Barbecook's barbecue bags you can also go all the way! After all, how about a delicious fish papillote on the BBQ? Moreover, when making a fish papillote you don't have to worry about the firmness of your fish. You can use any fish of your choice. With some vegetables, potatoes, herbs and possibly a dash of white wine you can create real taste bombs! The Barbecook barbecue bags have one transparent side, so that you can easily follow the cooking process.


Barbecook smoke planks

Are you planning to prepare a piece of salmon on the BBQ? Then this is the perfect opportunity to use smoke planks! I can already hear you thinking: a plank, BBQ, does this go together? Yes it does! A smoke plank soaked in water is used to add an extra delicious smoke flavor to your ingredients. For example, salmon is a real smoke plank classic, but you can also put a lot of other ingredients on a smoke plank! There are different kinds of planks, each providing a specific taste. Discover which smoke planks Barbecook offers and how to use them.


Extra tips for fish on the BBQ

  • If you don't have a fish grill or brochette holder, be sure to use one or more fish spatulas when turning your cod or salmon on the BBQ. These are extra large so you don't risk breaking off a piece while turning.
  • A generous marinade never hurts! But, unlike meat, you shouldn't marinate fish for too long. Half an hour to an hour is sufficient. After all, with acidic marinades, fish starts to cook, which would be a shame. There is also a chance that your fish starts to fall apart if it lies in a marinade for too long. By the way, did you know that Barbecook also has a marinade injector in its range? You can use this to allow the marinade to penetrate deep into the core, which ensures extra tasty and juicy fish on the BBQ.
  • Fish is known to fall apart quite easily and wouldn't it be a shame if half of this delicacy went up in smoke? No worries, Barbecook also came up with a solution for this. Thanks to a grill mat, a BBQ tray or an appetizer grid, you don't have to worry anymore!
  • To test the doneness of the fish on the BBQ, you can simply pierce your fish with a metal skewer and then quickly but gently hold it against the bottom of your thumb. If the skewer feels hot, the fish is cooked. However, if the skewer feels too hot, the fish has been on the BBQ for too long. Of course, it is also an option to purchase a digital thermometer!
  • We probably don't need to tell you that fish and lemon are an excellent combination. But let that lemon also be your salvation in the "sticky fish" problem on the barbecue. Put a slice of lemon under each 'corner' of your fish. In this way, you create a barrier between the fish and the grill. Win-win, because not only can you effortlessly lift your fish from the grill, it also gets a delicious taste.

Enough fish tips for now, get out those BBQ fish grill, barbecue bags and smoke planks and let's do this!

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