Pull apart cheese bread on the BBQ

Never heard of pull apart bread before? Then it's high time you get to know this fantastic appetizer! What do you need for pull apart bread? An uncut loaf of bread and toppings of your choice such as cheese, pancetta and various herbs. You then slice the bread vertically and horizontally, leaving the bottom hanging together, and you fill the slits with delicacies. Put on the BBQ and enjoy!

Pull apart cheese bread on the BBQ

Preparation of pull apart cheese bread on the BBQ

To prepare pull apart cheese bread, we need a barbecue with a lid. So you can choose a gas barbecue like the SpringSiesta or Stella. Of course you can also go for a charcoal barbecue such as a Loewy with dome.

First you melt the butter in a pan and add the garlic, thyme, pepper and salt. Next, slice the bread both horizontally and vertically using a sharp knife. Be careful not to cut all the way through. Leave about the bottom inch whole. Not very hungry or not enough guests coming over? Then use a large pistolet to make mini pull apart bread.

Spread all the slits of the bread with the melted herb butter. Then sprinkle the cheese into the slits. Tuck in some rosemary sprigs here and there.

Light your BBQ and heat up to 180°C. Bake the pull apart cheese bread for 15 minutes with the lid closed or until the cheese is melted.


Endless variations with pull apart bread

You can vary endlessly with pull apart bread! You can fill the slits of the pull apart bread completely according to your own taste. Think of a Mexican pull apart bread with peppers, well seasoned minced meat, cheddar cheese and red beans. Let everything get extra crispy on the BBQ and serve with a jar of guacamole to finish it off! You can also go for a vegetarian version of pull apart bread or how about a sweet pull apart bread with sugar, vanilla, cinnamon or even chocolate?

Extra tips

Recipes with cheese can quickly turn into a sticky mess! So always take your precautions. Barbecook offers various handy tools to prevent unpleasant situations. First of all, you can use a Barbecook grill mat or pizza stone to make sure your cheese does not drip all over your BBQ grid. We also have a solution in case something should fall next to your BBQ. Put a Barbecook floor mat under your BBQ in advance. This will give your BBQ surface optimum protection. Also handy to avoid brown scorch marks!