Take your Easter brunch to a higher level with Barbecook!

Sleeping late, egg-hunting and then... joining a delicious Easter brunch! For many people, Easter Sunday is a standing tradition. And after two Easter editions in corona isolation, this year may be something more special: why not go all-in, or rather "all-out", with an unforgettable BBQ Easter brunch! Who's with us?
Take your Easter brunch to a higher level with Barbecook!

A BBQ Easter brunch needs a perfectly laid table. We go for the beautiful tableware and elegant decoration of Point-Virgule, a Belgian brand that has been putting easy-to-use (kitchen) tools and stylish interior accessories into the market for 20 years.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast though, because in April it's either surprisingly warm or raining cats and dogs. So have a plan B in mind and make sure the Easter brunch can take place inside in case of bad weather. One thing is for sure though: good weather or not, let’s grill!

Easter is a celebration where being together as a family is key. Therefore, it could not be the case that one person is full-time behind the barbecue during brunch. So keep it simple & relaxed and go for easy brunch classics. Besides, with kids around, it doesn't have to be too special!

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Everything starts with a good base:

  •  Pistolets, sandwiches & pastries
  • Savoury toppings such as various types of cheese, ham & salami
  • Choco/speculoos spread & jam for the sweet tooth
  • Lots of chocolate
  • Homemade fruit salad or a few pieces of delicious seasonal fruit
  • Butter, sugar & milk
  • Coffee & tea
  • Bubbles, fresh fruit juice & infused water

Make use of Barbecook's Buddy for your buffet!

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We complete our Easter brunch with some heavenly brunch classics on the BBQ! We use Barbecook's Siesta, but any Barbecook gas or charcoal barbecue is suitable. Make sure you have a contact plate (or a cast-iron grill pan) to prepare the delicacies. Here we go!

An Easter brunch without eggs would not be an Easter brunch! So prepare a delicious fried egg or some scrambled eggs for all the egg lovers. First, grease your contact plate with some butter. You can do this with one of Barbecook's marinade brushes. Season your eggs as you wish.

And no eggs without bacon. The crispier, the better!

Next: blueberry pancakes! Put 200 g flour, some baking powder and a pinch of salt in a bowl and mix together. In another bowl, mix 1 egg, 20 g melted butter and 300 ml milk. Then add the dry flour mixture and the wet mixture together and mix until smooth. Finally, add 150 g blueberries to the batter. Ready! For the kids, we use fun silicone moulds from the brand Dotz. After all, a pancake in the shape of a heart or bear tastes 100 times better, doesn't it?

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And last but not least: French toast, a simple but oh-so-nice classic. Put some milk in a bowl, beat two eggs in a bowl, prepare a pile of sugar and cut a ciabatta into slices. Dip the slices in the milk, then the egg and then the sugar. Bake on a buttered contact plate or grill pan. Madame est servie!

Then all that remains is to wish you the following: have an EGG-cellent Easter!

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