How long should you smoke in the Otto 2.0 smoker?

Smoking is a hype that is gaining popularity. Of course, here we are talking about smoking ingredients. Smoking ingredients is best done using a decent smoker. Barbecook offers two different models with which you can conjure up delicious smoked dishes: the Oskar and the Otto 2.0. The Oskar is a multifunctional 2-in-1 appliance that can be used both as a barbecue and a smoker. With this smoker, which is also available in 2 different sizes (Oskar S and Oskar M), you can smoke both cold and hot. The Otto 2.0, on the other hand, is an electric smoker that also allows you to smoke your ingredients both hot and cold. In this article, we take a closer look at the numerous possibilities and smoking times of Barbecook's incredible Otto 2.0 smoker!

How long should you smoke in the Otto 2.0 smoker?

Specifications and use of the Otto 2.0 smoker

The Otto 2.0 is a rectangular model and has a silver look. This electric smoker - with brushed stainless steel finish - stands on two legs and also has two practical wooden handles, for a cold grip and efficient use. The Otto 2.0 smoker is extremely user-friendly, which is precisely why it is so popular among a lot of smoking enthusiasts. All you need are smoke chips and one or more ingredients you want to smoke, such as a good piece of fish. Depending on the ingredients to be smoked, you choose a particular flavour of smoke chips. For fish, for example, these could be lemon smoke chips. The amount of smoke chips you need depends on how long the food needs to be smoked. The rule of thumb is: use a handful of chips per 15 minutes of smoking. You place the chips in the chip bowl of your Otto 2.0 smoker. You then slide the bowl into the smoker just above the heating element. After that, you can also slide the fat tray and the grid with the pieces of fish into the Otto 2.0 smoker.

The grid can be placed at two different heights, closer to or further away from the heat source. Try to leave enough space between each piece of fish so that the smoke can circulate optimally around the ingredients in your Otto 2.0. Once these steps have been completed, close the lid of the Otto 2.0 smoker, plug in the socket and let the smoking begin! The Otto 2.0 comes complete with grid, drip tray and tray for the smoke chips.

Thanks to the thermostat with a range of 75 degrees to 250 degrees, you can very easily regulate the temperature and with the integrated thermometer you can then keep a close eye on it. Now all that remains is the next big question: how long should the fish or any other ingredient be in the Otto 2.0 smoker before we are allowed to taste it? Find out below!

What can you smoke in the Otto 2.0 Smoker and what are the smoking times?

The answer to the question of what you can smoke in the Otto 2.0 smoker is quite simple: practically everything. So the cliché that you can only smoke fish is completely misplaced. Besides fish, you can also prepare all kinds of meat, vegetables or even shellfish in your Otto 2.0 smoker. Now, of course, it is important to know how long ingredients such as fish or meat should remain in the Otto 2.0 smoker. We make it clear to you in the table below. So, now there's nothing stopping you from preparing a delicious smoked fish or some smoked potatoes in the Otto 2.0 smoker! Let's go!

Cold Smoking with Otto 2.0.

Discover the versatility of the Barbecook Otto 2.0, a master of both hot and cold smoking! For cold smoking, you obviously do not need to plug the Otto into the socket. Fill the Barbecook cold smoke generator with the smoke dust, place it at the bottom of the smoker. Barbecook offers a wide range of smoke dust, depending on the dish you wish to prepare.

Place your favorite ingredients on the grid, and let the magic begin. Without using electricity, your dishes will get the perfect smoke flavor. All you have to do is wait patiently until your delicacies are infused with those delicious smoky aromas. With the Barbecook Otto 2.0, every smoking session becomes a celebration of flavor without the hassle!

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