May not only heralds the return of spring, but also Mother's Day, the perfect opportunity to put mom in the spotlight. Often we fall back on traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and maybe even breakfast in bed, but why not try something totally unexpected this year? Imagine your mom being the center of attention with a brand-new barbecue.


The Taste of Fun

Let’s face it: what really makes mothers happy? Cozy family moments! Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large family celebration, moms enjoy bringing people together and cherishing the small moments that make life so special. This aligns perfectly with Barbecook's philosophy: THE TASTE OF FUN! It's all about enjoying the little things and creating unforgettable moments. With a focus on ease of use, comfort and conviviality, Barbecook offers everything a mother needs to make these special occasions even more memorable.

A barbecue is more than just a gift; it’s an invitation for more quality time with family and friends, a chance to try out new recipes and even an excuse to dine outdoors more often. It's a gift that keeps on giving every time the grill is fired up.

Which BBQ suits your mom?

The big question, of course, is: which barbecue fits your mom best? Here we provide an overview of the different options available:

Is your mom a fan of that authentic, smoky flavor of grilled dishes? Then a charcoal barbecue is the perfect choice for her. With options like the Barbecook Magnus, Edson, Kamal and Loewy , she can enjoy the classic grilling experience and control the intensity of the heat for that perfect piece of meat. Grilling on charcoal requires more skill and patience than other methods, but the result is well worth the wait.

Does your mom appreciate convenience and speed, but still wants to enjoy delicious grilled food? Then a gas barbecue is ideal for her. With models like the Barbecook Spring, Siesta and Stella, she can quickly reach the desired temperature with a simple turn of the knobs and grill precisely, without the hassle of charcoal or smoke. Additionally, a gas barbecue is easy to clean and maintain, and the absence of ash and smoke makes it a clean and efficient choice for both small and large gatherings.

Perhaps your mom prefers the traditional and cozy atmosphere of a wood fire. In that case, a wood BBQ like the Barbecook Nestor is perfect for her. This allows her to enjoy a unique smoky flavor and a true culinary experience outdoors. The slow burning process of the wood provides even and lasting heat, making meat, fish and vegetables deliciously juicy and tender. Moreover, the fire adds a cozy ambiance to any outdoor gathering. Besides the Barbecook Nestor, it's also possible to enhance a fire pit like the Barbecook Jack or Modern with BBQ accessories such as a plancha plate or grill grate. The Barbecook Jules also makes it possible to enjoy some finger food during a cozy campfire.

For moms who like the ease and convenience without the fuss of charcoal or gas, an electric barbecue offers an excellent solution. With models like the Barbecook Alexia and E-Carlo, she can quickly and easily grill delicious dishes, ideal for city dwellers or those with limited outdoor space. Moreover, cleaning is usually a breeze. For those seeking a user-friendly and efficient grilling method, an electric BBQ provides an excellent solution.

No matter which barbecue you choose, Barbecook always has an option that perfectly matches your mom's wishes and preferences. Let her shine this Mother's Day with her own personal BBQ experience!

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