Toast with cold smoked eggs

Nothing nicer than a rich breakfast on a Sunday morning: crispy croissants, freshly squeezed orange juice, bacon with eggs... Also at Barbecook we like to take it easy on Sundays. However, we cannot resist trying out new things. Did you know that you can perfectly prepare cold smoked eggs in the smoker? Delicious for your Sunday breakfast, as a snack or in a salad for lunch.

Toast with cold smoked eggs

Preparation of cold smoked eggs in the smoker

For the preparation of cold smoked eggs we use the Barbecook Oskarthe Barbecook cold smoke generator and some Barbecook beech smoking dust

Boil the eggs as desired. Do you prefer hard-boiled eggs? Or rather semi-soft or soft boiled? Peel the eggs and pat them dry. It's important that the eggs are dry so that they can absorb the smoke flavour perfectly. Fill the cold smoke generator with Barbecook’s beech smoking dust and light the tea light. When the smoking dust begins to smoulder, blow out the candle and place the cold smoke generator at the bottom of your Oskar smoker. Place the eggs on the barbecue grid and make sure they do not touch each other. This is very important in order to let the smoke circulate around the eggs. Open the air supply both at the bottom and top of the Oskar, so that a good air circulation is possible. Smoke the eggs for 15 to 30 minutes until they turn a nice yellow-brown colour. If you prefer an intense smoky flavour, you can leave them a bit longer. Serve the cold smoked eggs on crispy toast or put them into a cold smoked eggs salad. 

Truly egg-cellent!

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Tip for a delicious salad with cold smoked eggs

Smoke the eggs as mentioned above in the Barbecook Oskar using the cold smoke generator. Cut a spring onion into chunks and add it to the cold smoked eggs. Keep some green of the spring onion separate for the garnish afterwards. Cut the cold smoked eggs into quarters. Mix the eggs in the food processor until you get a coarse mass. Add mayonnaise and sriracha and stir well. Spoon everything into a bowl and sprinkle the remaining green pieces of spring onion over the mixture. Season with pepper, salt and a little paprika. Delicious!

Tip: Always keep your kitchen tidy and use one or more Barbecook bamboo boards.