Grilling becomes child's play thanks to these ultimate grill tips

Almost every unforgettable summer evening has one element in common: outdoor cooking. Thanks to these 3 grilling tips, every novice griller becomes a real grill master. After reading these handy grilling tips, there will be no more BBQ secrets! 

Grilling becomes child's play thanks to these ultimate grill tips

Grill tip 1: the difference between grilling and barbecuing

The terms grilling and barbecuing are often used interchangeably. Yet there is a slight difference. For example, barbecuing is done at a lower temperature between about 150 and 250 °C, with a closed lid. You cook your food all around like you do in an oven.

When grilling, on the other hand, the barbecue provides a good and warm fire, which can reach a temperature of up to 400 degrees. That fire sears meat, fish or vegetables quickly, so that the ingredients remain juicy and get a typical grill taste. Important here is that you have a BBQ that allows you to easily control the air supply and the position of the grid.

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Grill tip 2: safety first

Everyone wants to avoid dangerous situations during a pleasant barbecue as much as possible. Therefore place your barbecue in a safe and stable place with a hard and even surface before you start grilling. Never use petrol or products like spirit to light your fire. It is life-threatening for burns, but in this way also harmful substances can get into the food. However, do you want to light your barbecue quickly? Then use the powerful lighting gel of Barbecook.

For extra safety you always wear heat resistant gloves when barbecuing. An unexpected flame or a wrong move, an accident can happen quickly.

 Barbecook has both classic cotton gloves with aluminum insulation and comfortable premium gloves in its range.

Grill tip 3: when can you start grilling?

The tip of all grilling tips that everyone needs an answer on is this third tip. How do you know when the fire is grill-ready? In 2 easy steps, you have an immediate answer to this question.

  • Step 1: Let the fire do its work until the flames and most of the smoke have disappeared and there is a thin layer of white ash on the coals.
  • Step 2: Place the grid on the barbecue and test if your charcoal is hot enough using the three-second rule: hold your hand over the grid. If you can only hold it above the barbecue for three seconds or less, you're ready-to-grill.

With these 3 grilling tips in mind, you'll make any cozy barbecue a huge success.

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