Papa, we love you!

Father's Day is just around the corner! We cherish our dads every day, but on this special day, they deserve a little extra. This year, maybe we can swap the spotlight for something more heartwarming—a spot behind the barbecue! Let's delight dad with a cozy BBQ gathering with the whole family!

Papa, we love you!

Whether you have a charcoal, gas, or a traditional wood fire BBQ at home, a barbecue party always brings joy! And what could make a dad happier than a perfectly grilled piece of meat? It's time to show off your grilling skills and pamper your dad!

How to Grill the Perfect Piece of Meat?

Start by taking the meat out of the fridge at least half an hour before grilling. This ensures the meat cooks evenly and more efficiently.

When you're ready to grill, master the art of direct and indirect grilling for the best results. Direct grilling involves placing the meat directly over the heat source for quick, high heat. This is perfect for smaller or thinner cuts of meat that benefit from a savory grilled flavor and a crispy exterior.

For thicker cuts of meat, like a thick steak or a whole chicken, use indirect grilling. Place the meat not directly over the flame but to the side, allowing it to cook slowly through circulating heat. This method ensures a juicy piece of meat without burning the outside. Combine both techniques by searing the meat quickly over high direct heat and then letting it cook gently on indirect heat.

After grilling, let your meat rest. Allow it to sit for about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size. This helps the juices redistribute, making your meat even more tender.

With these techniques and tips, your Father's Day BBQ is sure to be a hit and the dishes even more delicious! So, fire up that grill and let the celebration begin!

Barbecook Magnus and Kamal

If you're considering buying a new BBQ and want the best device for that juicy, perfectly grilled meat, we highly recommend our favorites: the Barbecook Magnus and Kamal.

The Magnus is a charcoal barbecue with a lid, opening up a world of grilling possibilities. Choose between the Magnus Comfort or Premium, both featuring sturdy cast iron grates that not only last but also leave those coveted perfect grill marks on your meat.

For those seeking a bit more sophistication, the Barbecook Kamal is an excellent choice. This barbecue offers top-quality and style, perfect for those who seek superiority in every BBQ session.

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Time for Gifts

Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? At Barbecook, we have everything to make your dad's heart skip a beat. Here are our top 5 Barbecook gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to his face!

  1. Barbecook Black Pepper Set: Style meets functionality in this elegant BBQ set consisting of a BBQ tong, spatel, and fork. With these tools, every barbecue session becomes a true celebration.
  1. Barbecook Leather Apron: Let your dad shine while grilling with this rugged leather apron. It features a comfortable back closure system that relieves the neck and is equipped with handy loops and pockets to store tools. Complete the look with matching gloves.
  1. Barbecook Whiskey Smoking Chips: Add a touch of flavor to your dad’s BBQ experience with these whiskey smoking chips. Soak them for 30 minutes in water, let them dry a bit, and then throw them directly onto the hot coals for an irresistible aroma.
  1. Barbecook Bamboo Chopping Block: This FSC-certified bamboo chopping block is not only sustainable but also perfect for cutting meat or vegetables. It's robust, practical, and a beautiful addition to any BBQ setup.
  1. Barbecook Jules Fire Pit: For dads who love coziness, the Barbecook Jules fire pit is a perfect choice. Ideal for atmospheric evenings around the fire and also perfect for preparing late-night snacks.



With these Barbecook gifts, make Father's Day unforgettable and give your dad the tools for many delicious barbecue moments!

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