Choosing a gas BBQ is choosing convenience. One turn on the button and you can get started within 10 minutes! A gas grill is the perfect appliance for those who like to prepare really everything on their barbecue: from a stew to burgers or even bread. The possibilities are endless. With a gas BBQ you will undoubtfully experience a fantastic outdoor cooking experience! Read more

How do you light a gas BBQ?

Lighting a gas grill is quite simple: first open the lid and then turn on the tap of the gas bottle. Wait for the gas to circulate. Then turn on the buttons of the burners and put them on the highest position. When you see a flame, close the lid and let your gas BBQ preheat for 10 to 15 minutes.

When working with a gas grill it is recommended to use propane gas. Don't forget to purchase a matching gas regulator. This ensures that the pressure on the gas bottle is reduced. The pressure in a gas bottle is often much higher than what a barbecue needs. Be sure to check the date on the gas hose regularly. Regular gas hoses have a lifespan of 5 to 10 year

What are the advantages of a gas BBQ?

A gas grill has many advantages. First of all, this type of appliance is known for its user-friendliness: easy to light in a minimum of time. The temperature is easily regulated thanks to the various buttons. The number of buttons depends on the number of burners your gas grill has. Moreover, you can be sure of an accurate temperature as a gas BBQ generally also has a thermometer on the lid. Anyway, thanks to the lid you have a little more control over your preparations because there is no influence of wind or cold. Furthermore, you can be sure that a gas grill produces hardly any air pollutants or smoke.

Which gas BBQ's does Barbecook offer?

With Barbecook you can choose from a wide range of gas grills in different shapes and sizes. Discover the endless possibilities of the Spring, Siesta and Stella collection!

Spring Spring

The Barbecook Spring gas grill is available in four different sizes, each with two side tables, a warming rack and a dishwasher safe drip pot.

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Siesta Siesta

Just like the Barbecook Spring gas grill, the Barbecook Siesta gas grill is available in four different sizes, each equipped with side tables, a side burner, a warming rack and a dishwasher safe drip pot. 

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Stella Stella

The jewel among Barbecook's gas grills: the Stella. A beautifully finished barbecue with numerous options: a warming rack, a dishwasher safe drip pot, a side burner, an extra long side table with accessory hooks and so much more!

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