Santa Claus is coming to town

As the festive season unfolds and the air fills with the spirit of Christmas, what better way to celebrate than by organizing a cozy outdoor BBQ? Picture gathering around the warmth of your favorite Barbecook grill, exchanging laughter and indulging in festive flavours. Join us in embracing the magic of Christmas with the perfect blend of outdoor charm and culinary delights!

Santa Claus is coming to town

All I want for Christmas is NESTOR

It's the festive time of year when families gather for cozy moments, both inside and outdoors! Ever thought about spicing up the Christmas days with BBQ? Imagine the warmth of standing around the fire, cooking up a tasty meal together. It's not just about eating; it's a festive food adventure! Let's explore the fun options for a jolly evening/afternoon with Nestor and make this a Christmas to remember.

When it comes to organizing a family BBQ, Nestor takes the crown as your top choice! Its expansive cooking surface provides ample room for grilling all your favorite ingredients, ensuring that everyone's cravings are satisfied. But here's the exciting part – if you're looking for that extra touch, you can easily elevate your Nestor experience with the Dynamic Centre accessories. Go for veggies on the elevated grill, a perfect Côte à l’os on the Sear Grid, a beef stew in the simmer kettle, fish skewers,… the possibilities are endless.

Christmas market vibes with Nestor

Everyone loves Christmas markets. Festive music, delicious snacks, and drinks! Now, imagine being able to organize a Christmas market in your own backyard. Nestor makes it possible!

The most popular dishes at Christmas markets are undoubtedly fancy hotdogs and tartiflette. Both are perfect to prepare on the Barbecook Nestor! In fact, take it up a notch by upgrading your Nestor with the Barbecook Elevated Grill, Dutch oven and it's holder and go all out with fresh mulled wine!


Turn your Barbecook Nestor into a gourmet haven with some delicious Hotdogs! Fire up Nestor to a medium heat and grill premium sausages to perfection. Toast the buns for that ideal crunch. Make it easy on yourself with the Barbecook spatulas.

Assemble your hotdogs with the necessary flair – nestle the sausages in the buns and layer on caramelized onions, grilled bell peppers and a generous melt of your favorite cheese. Add mustard, ketchup and a sprinkle of fresh herbs for the finishing touch. Serve on a Barbecook bamboo board.

hotdog - righthotdog - right


Experience the magic from the Alps with Nestor's twist on Tartiflette! Fire up Nestor, toss bacon, onions, and garlic into a Dutch oven. Layer with sliced potatoes, a splash of white wine and fresh thyme. Close the lid, let Nestor work its charm and crown it with melting cheese. Voilà! Dive into a cheesy masterpiece from the heart of the Alps.

cheese - leftcheese - right


Elevate your Nestor BBQ experience with Simmered Glühwein! In a dutch oven, blend red wine with orange slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks and star anise. Sweeten to taste, let it simmer and for an extra kick, add brandy. Cheers to Nestor's Winter Warmth!

Get ready to embrace the magic of Christmas with the crackling sounds of the barbecue and the scent of delicious food wafting through the air!

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