A winter barbecue with Barbecook

Anyone who thinks that barbecue is only the equivalent of sultry summer evenings, cocktails and raw vegetables is wrong. Barbecuing is possible all year long, even during the cold winter months! It may sound crazy, a barbecue during the winter, but it is super cozy. Ideally with a wood barbecue, but also perfectly possible with other barbecue models. A winter barbecue is totally hot & trendy! 

A winter barbecue with Barbecook

What does an ideal winter barbecue look like?

The main ingredients of a barbecue - both during summer and winter - are cosiness and sharing beautiful moments. This is partly created by a fun setting and organisation. In winter, a little bit of preparation is needed. To keep your guests warm, placing one or more fire bowls or fire baskets is a perfect idea. Terrace heating is also an option. Let your guests know that they need to dress warmly: thick stockings, a warm coat and a cosy scarf. Provide a fleece blanket for everyone and put some nice cushions on each chair. In addition, fitting fairylike mood lighting is a must! Transform your garden into a Winter Wonderland and hang lanterns, place torches and light candles. For an ultimate magical feeling! In this context, a barbecue with wood is the most ideal choice for preparing your barbecue dishes! Barbecook offers two variants: the Junko wood barbecue and the Rila wood barbecue. The Junko is a model that consists of a tripod, a fire bowl, a grid and a pulley system with which you can choose the cooking height. You can also attach extra accessories to this pulley system such as a large pana wok pan or a simmer kettle/Dutch oven. Plenty of possibilities! The Rila is a wood barbecue with a nice design and carbon steel griddle on which every guest can put different delicacies of their choice. You and your guests can warm up around both the Junko and the Rila BBQ. This way the BBQ chef doesn’t have to cook on his own! If you are going to have a wood barbecue, make sure you have enough wood. When it’s cold, you will need more fuel. Be sure to choose a spot out of the wind. However, if there is no wind-free area and there is also a chance of a few drops of rain or snow, it is best to choose a gas or charcoal barbecue with a lid instead of a wood barbecue. Always make sure there is sufficient lighting around your barbecue. If it is too cold to spend the whole evening outside, you can choose to have some drinks & bites outside, but continue with the main dish inside. 

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Which dishes can you prepare during a winter barbecue?

A winter barbecue is all about winter dishes! It's also best to adapt your drinks and bites according to the theme. Serve jenever and glühwein, for example, or make a delicious hot chocolate for the kids. You can easily make the glühwein and hot chocolate in one of Barbecook’s Dutch ovens that you hang above the fire bowl of the Junko wood barbecue. As an appetizer, you can prepare a winter soup, or what about deliciously melted camembert or a flavoured pickle bread? For the main course you can go for a tasty and hearty meal such as bacon, steak or game. With a few roasted seasonal vegetables, this meal will be a real pleasure for your guests!

Finish off with s’mores and marshmallows that you warm up over your wood barbecue or fire bowls/baskets. A winter barbecue has never been so much fun!


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