Lighting your barbecue in a safe, simple and quick way: the QuickStart® system

Lighting your barbecue, many see it as a real chore... However, it’s much easier than you think! The Loewy charcoal barbecues of Barbecook feature the QuickStart® system. What this exactly means is explained below. One thing is certain, lighting your BBQ has never been this safe, simple and quick! 

Lighting your barbecue in a safe, simple and quick way: the QuickStart® system

Lighting your BBQ with the QuickStart® system

Lighting a barbecue is something that many people don’t like, especially when it comes to a charcoal barbecue. Barbecook has taken this common annoyance into account when designing the various Loewy models.

The Loewy is considered the iconic charcoal barbecue of Barbecook. This barbecue with streamlined design is available in several sizes and finishes: with grilling areas from 40 to 55 cm and in enamelled or stainless steel, something for everyone!

The Loewy charcoal barbecues are very similar, but one feature stands out: both have the QuickStart® system. The punch line of the QuickStart® system is: lighting your BBQ in a safe, simple and quick way! And after all, isn't that what we all want?


How does the QuickStart® system work?

The QuickStart® system of Barbecook is very simple and safe. Follow the step-by-step plan below and you will see: lighting your barbecue will be child's play from now on!

  1. Remove the bottom grid (= the grid on the bottom of your barbecue bowl) of your Loewy charcoal barbecue.
  2. Take three double sheets of newspaper and make rolled-up torches of them. Insert the torches into the lighting tube of your barbecue.
  3. Put the bottom grid back in place.
  4. Next, pour a pile of charcoal into the barbecue bowl. Don’t overdo it. You can add some more charcoal later.
  5. Light the newspaper through one of the two holes at the bottom of the BBQ.
  6. Create sufficient air circulation using the red control stick for adjustable air supply. Don't be surprised by the smoke when starting to light your BBQ, this is normal.
  7. After about 15 minutes, your coals will glow and be covered with a thin layer of grey ash. Your charcoal barbecue is ready to go! If desired, you can add some more coals.

That's it, lighting your Loewy barbecue is easily done thanks to Barbecook's famous QuickStart® system! Safe, simple and quick!


Is ending your barbecue session as easy as lighting your BBQ?

In addition to the concerns about the degree of difficulty of 'lighting a barbecue', many also wonder whether cleaning up after your barbecue session is not too much of a hassle. Here too, Barbecook has thought of a practical solution. The brand came up with the QuickStop system for the Loewy charcoal barbecues (except for the Loewy 40). It works as follows:

  • At the start of your barbecue session you fill the base of the Loewy charcoal barbecue with water.
  • At the end of your grilling session, remove the bottom grid from the barbecue bowl with tongs and sweep the smoldering coals/ashes into the tube.
  • These fall down into the base, where they are extinguished by the water.
  • Once your appliance has cooled completely, empty the base. Good riddance!

Filling the base with water also provides extra stability during barbecuing!

Starting your BBQ and ending your barbecue party in a safe, simple and quick way, thanks to Barbecook it's a piece of cake!image

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