Halloween party with Nestor

As night falls and the moon is high in the sky, prepare for an unforgettable Halloween BBQ party. Leave your fear behind and step inside our dark garden, where the Barbecook Nestor crackles and the scents of fire spices and mysterious sauces fill the air.

Be aware: This is no ordinary barbecue party! This is a spooky snack party for young and old alike. Do you dare to join our BBQ on the most terrifying night of the year?

Halloween party with Nestor

Barbecook Nestor

The Barbecook Nestor equals 360° grilling fun. This wood BBQ invites everyone to gather around the fire and grill together. Anything goes and nothing must!

Nestor's compact design goes hand in hand with utmost functionality. For instance, the built-in wood storage and handy ash pan ensure quick start-up and clean-up afterwards. In addition, the grill plates are easy to assemble and maintain, which in turn ensures a worry-free barbecue. In short Barbecook Nestor is your perfect partner in crime for a Halloween party.

Appetizer party

No party without appetisers!

At Barbecook, we love to spoil our guests with lots of different snacks. Hereby we give you some inspiration with our three favourite snacks for your next Halloween party.

1. Spooky pizzas on the Dynamic Centre Pizza oven

For the Spooky pizzas, we choose the Nestor Dynamic Centre pizza oven. This uses traditional stone oven principles to bake pizzas with a crispy crust and perfectly melting cheese. Thanks to the high temperatures Nestor can reach, the optimum air supply and the oven's excellent heat distribution, the pizzas are baked evenly and get that irresistible taste everyone loves. Furthermore, this Barbecook pizza oven focuses on convenience thanks to the integrated thermometer and the handy hatch for adding extra wood. Thanks to the hatch, you maintain maximum heat throughout the entire process.

Roll out the pizza dough and cut out some fun Halloween shapes. Our preferred shapes are ghosts and pumpkins. Rub the bottom of the mini pizzas generously with flour and top the shapes with tomato sauce and chorizo pieces and finish with grated mozzarella. Place the pizzas on the Barbecook pizza spatula and place them in the preheated Nestor Pizza oven for about 1 minute. 

2. Bloody fingers

No Halloween without blood, better known as Ketchup. Choose your favourite mini sausages, ranging from merguez to white tripe or chicken sausage. Place the sausages on a Barbecook bamboo board and, using a sharp knife, cut a piece off the sausage so that you have like a fingernail. After this, make a few notches along the length of the sausage so that it resembles a real finger.

Rub Nestor's plates with sunflower oil and grill the sausages until cooked. Then dip the sausages in some ketchup/curry ketchup for a delicious, bloody result.

3. Mini mummified peppers

Halloween is the festival of mummies. So these absolutely cannot be missing from our Barbecook Halloween party. For this snack, we choose mini bell peppers with bacon.

Turn the peppers in some fresh bacon and let them simmer on the bbq. For this snack, you basically don't need to add extra sunflower oil on the plates, as the peppers will be able to fry in the fat of the bacon. Turn the peppers regularly with one of the Barbecook tongs.


Let the transformation begin and unleash your inner creep! Go for a terrifying, funny or creative outfit! It will undoubtedly be a spooky and fun night around the fire! "Be there or be square!"


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