Garden party with Jack 100

For many, autumn is the favorite season of the year! A time when the garden changes colors, the evenings get cooler and when you can enjoy the last rays of the sun. It's the perfect season to get closer to friends and family and make time for cozy moments around the campfire. Let's go all the way with Barbecook. 

Garden party with Jack 100

Barbecook Jack 100

With its impressive size, robust construction and pre-rusted color, the Barbecook Jack 100 takes your campfire moments to new heights. This new addition to the Jack series is designed to meet the growing demand for a larger fire bowl for outdoor entertaining. The Jack 100 offers more space for logs, a more intense flame and creates an even bigger spectacle of dancing flames.

Singing songs, telling ghost stories, playing games ... it's all possible. Share your favorite campfire moments via instagram or facebook!


Barbecook Smores

Smores are easy to make and an absolute favorite during campfire evenings. They consist of toasted marshmallows sandwiched together with a thick piece of chocolate between two flat cookies.

To make smores, roast a marshmallow over the campfire until it is golden brown and sticky. Place the warm marshmallow on a piece of chocolate, place another piece of chocolate on top and press them together between two cookies. As the chocolate begins to melt and the marshmallow is compressed inside, you get an irresistible smore that is perfect for a sweet treat by the campfire. Can it be a little more? Then squeeze in a few more raspberries! Delicious!


Barbecook Jack 60 and 75

Using your fire bowl only as an atmospheric heat source? That is not done! Go for the Barbecook Jack 60 or Jack 75 and turn your garden fire bowl into a real bbq. Grilling a la plancha or grilling sausages? We have planchas and grills in both sizes and compatible with the Jack and Modern fire bowls. Furthermore, a spherical, mesh-like lid also comes for both sizes to provide protection from flying sparks.

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