Fireworks with E-Carlo

Barbecuing on your city balcony? The electric sister of our Carlo makes it possible! Our new E-Carlo is perfect for a cosy barbecue in places with barbecue restrictions. It is easy to use and maintain, compact and trendy! Thanks to E-Carlo, you will experience the ultimate holiday feeling wherever you want! Sunglasses on and grill away!
Fireworks with E-Carlo

Plug in and bbq away!

Barbecuing is fantastic! Grilling juicy cuts of meat, preparing delicious vegetables and being outdoors makes barbecuing a popular culinary experience. Yet unfortunately, it is not always feasible to barbecue at any location and at any time, and that can occasionally be disappointing. Don't panic, Barbecook has the perfect solution!

E-Carlo combines the convenience of electric cooking with the irresistible taste and experience of authentic barbecue dishes, making grilling your favourite meals easier and tastier than ever before. All you have to do is pick a nice spot and plug it in! Just think of your city balcony, a campsite or a houseboat.

The Barbecook E-Carlo comes in three trendy colours: Barbecook Red, Paris Green and Midnight Grey, each focusing on four pillars: Easy Start, Easy Cook, Easy Upgrade and Easy Clean.

Easy Start & Easy Cook

The Barbecook E-Carlo features a simple control knob with three hit levels. This way, you decide how much energy your E-Carlo consumes! Thanks to the fast and even heat distribution, you effortlessly succeed in preparing every dish expertly. Turn the knob to the desired level and in just 5 minutes the grilling can begin. Thanks to the 1.5m long cable, you can place the barbecue wherever you want! The E-Carlo also comes with a handy carrying bag, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Easy Clean

Barbecue party over? The E-Carlo has hinged resistors, allowing you to easily move it to clean the barbecue. Afterwards, you can simply place the grill with raised edges and the barbecue's grease tray in the dishwasher.

Easy Upgrade

Make your bbq experience with E-Carlo even better thanks to the Carlo enamelled cast iron plancha plate. Place the plancha on your table barbecue and enjoy Spanish specialities like Gambas or Squid a la plancha.

No inspiration?

Looking for some inspiration to make your BBQ party pop?

Step out of your comfort zone and treat your guests to sensational skewers. Think juicy scampi and sweet mango or tender chicken with pineapple. Tasty, healthy and quick to prepare! 

Vegetables on the E-Carlo? Go for Sweet bell peppers, mushrooms or green asparagus.

And for those with a sweet tooth who are always looking for that 'icing on the cake', we have a tempting dessert idea. Go for skewers with marshmallows, banana and strawberry. Put a few bars of milk chocolate the Barbecook stainless steel sauce pan and let it melt gently! Then spread the chocolate over the skewers. 


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