Three healthy BBQ tips

Anyone who thinks of a beautiful summer evening automatically thinks of a barbecue. There’s mostly meat or fish on the menu, combined with some bread, salads and sauces. Not always a healthy meal. Building a healthy diet with a balanced meal is a topic that recurs throughout society today. Thanks to these healthy barbecue tips you can perfectly enjoy an nice, but also a super tasty, barbecue meal without having to worry about the calories.

Three healthy BBQ tips

Tip 1: choose lean meat

A lot of people are still convinced that barbecuing should be a meat feast. With a big côte-a-l'os you make a huge impression on your guests and there is nothing wrong with that. Yet there is also barbecue meat that is very healthy and with which you can show off to your guests after you have pimped them a bit. So with a piece of chicken or turkey fillet for example, you can also win everyone’s heart. In addition, a barbecue is already a lot healthier without pre-processed meat. With the Barbecook hamburger press you can make your own hamburgers and from now on you will know exactly which ingredients the meat contains. Don't forget that your barbecue can also be used perfectly for a piece of fish, possibly in a papillote using Barbecook's barbecue bags

Tip 2: variation with vegetables

Besides a piece of meat you can also grill vegetables. Grilled vegetables are not only delicious, they also contain an enormous amount of essential nutrients. With vegetables you create a nice color palette on your plate. So you can put zucchini, red peppers, some small tomatoes and mushrooms on a skewer and let it grill on your barbecue. But also next to the barbecue you can prepare a nice salad with fresh vegetables. Do not add oil or a vinaigrette yet, so that they remain nice and crispy. That way everyone at the table can add some vinaigrette to the salad to suit their own taste. Everyone happy! 

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Tip 3: a fruity BBQ dessert

A warm summer evening calls for a fresh ice cream. Yet you can also end a barbecue with healthy alternatives, such as grilled fruit. It is not only very tasty, but also super simple. The only thing you need is fruit that is just ripe and firm. The most famous type of fruit that often ends up on a barbecue are pineapple slices. Bananas filled with dark chocolate and wrapped in aluminum foil are another classic that everyone enjoys. Plenty of choice! 

Thanks to these 3 simple tips, your next barbecue session will be delicious and also very healthy. Bon appétit!


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