Risotto of smoked celeriac

On a cold or rainy day, everyone undoubtedly enjoys a good portion of comfort food! But it doesn't always have to be a packet of French fries or a mountain of spaghetti... Get out of your comfort (food) zone and try something completely new! And how about a delicious risotto of smoked celeriac? We are happy to explain how to whip up this delicious recipe!

Risotto of smoked celeriac


Celeriac is a type of celery. The corm rises just above the ground. It generally has a diameter of 8 to 12 cm. There are endless possibilities with celeriac. You can use it to make mash, soup, chips and even risotto. Plenty of possibilities! 

Preparation of risotto of smoked celeriac in the smoker

We will use the Otto 2.0 smoker to smoke the celeriac. To do this, first soak 2 times a handful of apple smoking chips in water. Drain and place the smoking chips in the chip tray of your smoker. Cut the celeriac into pieces and place it on the grid of the smoker. Now smoke the celeriac for half an hour.

Prepare the chicken stock and keep warm.

After half an hour, remove the celeriac from the Otto 2.0 smoker. Cut into small pieces and chop finely. Also finely chop the garlic and onion. Sauté the garlic and onion in some olive oil. Add the risotto rice. Stir until the rice looks a little glassy. Deglaze with white wine and allow the wine to almost evaporate. Add the smoked celeriac. Then add the stock spoon by spoon. Stir together. When everything is almost absorbed, add some more stock. Repeat this until the rice is al dente. Allow 15 to 17 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry the mushrooms in some olive oil or butter. Don't fry them too flat. Roast the hazelnuts in a dry pan. Fry the bacon until crispy in a pan without fat. Drain on kitchen paper.

Is the risotto ready? Then add the mushrooms, sour cream, grated cheese and the zest of a washed lemon. Season well with salt and pepper. Finish off with the chopped fresh herbs, extra black pepper, hazelnuts and bacon. Decorate with flakes of Parmesan cheese.

Et voilà, your risotto of smoked celeriac is ready! Comfort food for the win!