La Bella Italia with Barbecook Nestor

Italy: a land of sun-drenched days, delicious cuisine, rich culture, and charming villages—it's the ultimate holiday destination for many. But what if a trip to Italy isn't on the cards this year? No problem! You don’t have to miss out on Italian cuisine. With the Barbecook Nestor pizza oven, you can transform your own backyard into a true Italian trattoria. Hurry to the supermarket for all your favorite ingredients because it's time for pizza!

La Bella Italia with Barbecook Nestor

The Perfect Pizza

Nothing beats the authentic taste of a pizza baked over a wood fire. This method of cooking provides a unique, smoky flavor that is hard to match with traditional ovens. The secret to the perfect wood-fired pizza starts with the fire itself. Use dry, hard wood that can reach high temperatures without producing too much smoke.

When your pizza oven reaches the ideal temperature of about 350-400 degrees Celsius, it’s time to slide in your pizza. Make sure your dough is thinly rolled out and generously topped with fresh ingredients. A good tip is not to overload with toppings to ensure a crispy base. Also, do not forget to thoroughly sprinkle the bottom of your pizza dough with semolina to prevent it from sticking to the pizza stone.

Bake the pizza quickly, usually just a few minutes, and turn it regularly to achieve even cooking and a perfect crust. The intense heat of the wood fire ensures that the edges become deliciously crispy, while the cheese melts and turns golden yellow.

Nestor Pizza Oven

The Barbecook Nestor pizza oven is specially developed with inspiration from traditional Italian wood-fired ovens. This design provides excellent air circulation that directs the flames around the pizza. This way, you enjoy a unique combination of direct and indirect heat, ideal for that deliciously melted cheese and perfectly baked base. An integrated thermometer makes it easy to keep an eye on the temperature, essential for that authentic pizza experience. Moreover, a handy hatch makes it easy to add wood without interrupting the cooking flow.

For a hassle-free pizza experience, combine the pizza oven with the Barbecook pizza spatula. Start by generously sprinkling the spatula with semolina, then place the pizza base on it. Top your pizza leisurely while it's on the spatula, and then smoothly slide it into the oven. Turn the pizza occasionally for even cooking and remove it from the oven within a few minutes. Cut the pizza directly on the spatula into slices and you're ready to enjoy!

pizza-leftpizza - right

Double the Fun!

With the Nestor pizza oven, you double the fun! This versatile oven is not only perfect for use with the Barbecook Nestor but also fits excellently on the Barbecook Jules fire pit. This gives you more options to enjoy authentic wood-fired pizzas everywhere.

jules - leftjules - right

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