Barbecook's Joya table barbecue: your new most faithful buddy this season!

Spring is in the air, hooray! The first rays of sunshine, a fresh green garden, birds singing... These are only a few of the delights that go with this cheerful season. And even though the sun is still hiding behind the clouds these days, don't let this be an excuse to put your planned spring trips on hold. After all, with Barbecook's newest table barbecue Joya you can conjure up instant summer vibes!


Barbecook's Joya table barbecue: your new most faithful buddy this season!

Unique BBQ moments: wherever, whenever!

A culinary picnic, a beach day or just a cosy bite at home? Each of these occasions are perfect to bring out Barbecook's Joya! This portable barbecue, with its compact, practical design, can easily be taken along on a trip or simply be placed in the middle of your own garden table. Your company gathers around the Joya and everyone grills delicacies of their choice. This way no one has to stand alone at the barbecue and you’re sure to experience unique BBQ moments with the entire company. And that’s what Barbecook stands for!

Small barbecue, big talent

That this handsome table barbecue has a lot of advantages, probably doesn't surprise you. The Joya, with its elegant black finish, has a perfectly rounded design and is equipped with three silicone feet that provide the necessary stability. You can grill your delicacies on the stainless steel grid or on the SS plancha plate which you can place on the grid with a removable handle. Furthermore, you can use four small SS tongs to easily turn and remove your food from the table barbecue. BBQ party is over? Just put all stainless steel parts in the dishwasher and you’re done!


Getting started with Joya

Last, but not least: lighting your Joya table barbecue. Also very simple! Just follow the steps below and you're ready to go: 

  • First of all, pour half a liter of water into the ceramic bowl. This will ensure that the outside of the table barbecue stays cool while barbecuing. 
  • Next, place the stainless steel inner bowl in the ceramic bowl and fill half of it with charcoal. You light the charcoal with about 3 firelighters and a long match or lighter
  • After about 15 minutes, a thin layer of grey ash should appear on the coals. Once this is the case, you can place the stainless steel grid on your Joya table barbecue and your BBQ session can start off! 

That's it! ENJOY(A)!

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