Maintenance tips: cleaning your barbecue grid

Big chance that, after your last BBQ party, your barbecue grid wasn’t cleaned as well as you thought it was. Don’t worry, with the following tips and tricks, your grid will shine again in no time! First of all, it’s important that your grid is hot when you start cleaning it, so that the dirt comes along easier. Next, preferably use one of the many accessories Barbecook offers, such as the foam cleanerthe grill cleaner or one of the many brushes. We are also happy to help you with some DIY tips!

Maintenance tips: cleaning your barbecue grid

Cleaning the barbecue grid with lemon

Crazy but true: lemons are a very handy tool to clean your barbecue grid! Cut the lemon in two and rub the grid with it. Let it soak in for some time. After about two hours, the food residues will come along very easily with the help of a sponge or microfibre cloth. A lemon is also perfect if you want to degrease and clean your grid during grilling. Prick half a lemon on a fork and rub it over the hot grid. Bye bye grease residues!

Important: always dry your grid thoroughly after cleaning.

Heat up the barbecue

Let your barbecue heat up for fifteen minutes with the lid closed. All food residues will burn away at once. Just clean it afterwards and your grid is as good as new! Use for example Barbecook’s Olivia spiral brush to scrub away the leftovers.

Brush the barbecue grid with some vegetable oil

To take preventive action you need to brush your barbecue grid with vegetable oil before barbecuing. This way, you will not only prevent food residues from sticking, but you will also keep the barbecue grid rust-free for longer.

This tip also works with a potato. Cut a raw potato in half and prick it on a fork. Rub the potato over the hot grids and the grilling can begin. The starch in the potato creates an anti-stick layer, which makes cleaning up afterwards much easier.

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