The ultimate hotdog challenge on the Barbecook E-Carlo!

Get ready for a fun hotdog competition with the Barbecook E-Carlo! We've got three contestants ready to grill up their favorite hotdogs. Each one will use their special toppings and tricks to try to win the title of the best hotdog. It’s going to be exciting to see who comes up with the most delicious creation. So, grab a seat and and read all about this exciting competition!

The ultimate hotdog challenge on the Barbecook E-Carlo!

Barbecook E-Carlo

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Merguez hotdogs by Wietse

Meet Wietse, our first contestant! He’s cooking up a delicious merguez hotdog on his fiery red Barbecook E-Carlo—not just because he’s a redhead, but because red is his favorite color for the E-Carlo! Wietse starts off by grilling the merguez sausages to perfection. While those sizzle, he tosses together a tasty coleslaw with cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard, parsley, salt, and pepper. To finish, he tops his hotdog with curry ketchup and serves it in a soft white piccolo roll. Wietse's hotdog is tasty and colorful, perfect for a fun BBQ contest! The question is, what will the judge think?

foto - leftfoto - right

White sausage hotdogs by Jordi

Meet Jordi, our second contestant, who’s bringing some flair to the table with his E-Carlo in Paris green. Jordi believes "life should be colorful, and so should our BBQs!" He's whipping up a unique hotdog featuring white sausage with apples and lamb's lettuce. First, he grills the white sausages until they’re perfectly browned, then he adds some apple slices to the grill to soften them up. He briefly grills a sliced piccolo roll for that extra crunch. For assembly, Jordi layers mustard, grilled apple slices, the white sausage and a handful of lamb's lettuce into the bun. Could Jordi’s creative take be the winning hotdog? Stay tuned!

Classic hotdog with a twist by Zoë

Meet our third contestant, Zoë! She’s all about keeping things simple and has chosen the E-Carlo in charcoal grey because, as she says, “this way, all the focus stays on the ingredients and I’m sure to win!” Zoë opts for a classic farmer’s sausage paired with grilled bell peppers and pickles. She starts by grilling the sausages to perfection. Next, she swaps in the E-Carlo plancha plate and drizzles some olive oil to grill the bell peppers. For assembly, Zoë layers ketchup and mustard in her bun, then adds the farmer’s sausage, a few pickles, and tops it off with the grilled bell peppers. Could Zoë’s straightforward approach take home the prize?

zoe - leftzoe - right

Big Finaly

When everyone has their hotdog ready, there remains only one thing—tasting! Each participant presents their creation to the strict jury. The jury tastes each hotdog and judges them on flavor, cook, texture, and presentation. After careful consideration, they are most impressed by the hotdog of (drum roll) Zoë! "The combination of the well-seasoned farmer's sausage and the crispy bell pepper did it for me! Big congratulations Zoë," says our jury! Zoë goes home with a beautiful trophy and the title of Best Hotdog of 2024.

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