Smoked shrimps with lemongrass

Shrimps on the BBQ or in the smoker, a delicacy with which you can undoubtedly charm everyone! However, it doesn’t always have to be the classic shrimp skewer, because wouldn't it be nice to try something completely new? Barbecook suggests: shrimps with a delicious Asian touch, flavoured with ingredients such as lemongrass, ginger and coriander. Yummy!

Smoked shrimps with lemongrass

Preparation of smoked shrimps with lemon grass in the smoker

Preparing this Asian shrimps recipe requires a little preparation. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. Lightly bruise the lemon grass twigs and skewer the raw shrimps on the twigs. Then put them in a plastic freezer bag and pour in the marinade. Place the bag in the refrigerator for two hours.

We will prepare this Asian shrimps recipe in the Oskar smoker. We will hot-smoke the Asian shrimps. Hot smoking is done at +- 70 °C. It cooks the shrimps and gives them a delicious smoky flavour. We choose hickory smoking chips, which give off a spicy and intense flavour. It’s important to soak the smoking chips in water for a while beforehand. Light the Oskar smoker with some lighter cubes and qualitative charcoal. After a while, a thin layer of grey ash will appear on the coals. Now wrap the drained hickory smoking chips in some aluminium foil, poke some holes in it and put it on the hot coals.

Remove the shrimps with lemongrass from the marinade and drain a little. Place them on the grill of your Oskar smoker. Now let the smoker do its work. Check regularly that the shrimps are cooked. Once the shrimps have a nice colour and they are also nicely coloured inside, you can remove them from the grill. Attention: don't let them smoke too long, make sure they still have some bite.

Fingerlickin' good!

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Extra tips

If your shrimps turn out to be smaller than expected, you can put them on skewers to prevent them from slipping through the grill. Barbecook has many skewers in its range that will hold your shrimps with lemongrass nicely together: in chrome with wooden handlein stainless steel with wooden handlecompletely in stainless steel and in bamboo. Plenty of choice!