Pizza with smoked salmon, spinach and cottage cheese

Tonight it's pizzanight! Still looking for something fun, tasty and easy to prepare tonight? Want to make your kids happy or surprise your friends? Want to try something different from the classic pizza with tomato sauce? Then go for a pizza with smoked salmon, spinach and cottage cheese. Check out the recipe below!

Pizza with smoked salmon, spinach and cottage cheese

A healthy pizza!

Thanks to cottage cheese, you don't have to worry about the number of calories. Cottage cheese, also known as hüttenkäse, is a young cheese with grainy texture. It is made from curd and has numerous advantages. For instance, this type of cheese contains little lactose and is full of protein. 

Preparing pizza with smoked salmon, spinach and cottage cheese on the BBQ

In this recipe, we use the Barbecook Magnus. The Magnus is a multifunctional barbecue and, thanks to its Dynamic Centre, it has a lot of cooking options. Light the charcoal barbecue using the integrated coal starter and some Barbecook firelighters. Use enough charcoal so that you reach a temperature of 300° to 400°. When preparing a pizza on the Magnus, always make sure the coals are on the side of the barbecue. This prevents the heat from radiating directly onto the pizza stone and causing your pizza base to burn. Attach the Barbecook pizza oven to the barbecue. It is specifically sized for the Magnus! Then place the Barbecook pizza stone centrally in the pizza oven and let it heat up for 15 minutes.

While you let the barbecue heat up, you can garnish the pizza. Mix the capers, the cottage cheese and salt and pepper. Then roll open the pizza dough and make sure there is enough flour at the bottom of the pizza. Putting flour on the pizza stone is no use as it will burn immediately. Spread the mixture evenly over the dough. Top the pizza with smoked salmon and spinach. Use salt and pepper to season further and finally sprinkle the pizza with some olive oil.

Place your pizza in the preheated Magnus pizza oven using the Barbecook pizza spatula. The pizza plate is at the same height as the edge of the Magnus, making it easy to slide the pizza into the pizza oven.

Let the pizza grill for 5 minutes on the pizza stone. Now you can take the pizza off and cut it into pieces using the Barbecook pizza cutter.

There you go, your pizza is ready! Everyone at the table!