Chicken gyros on the BBQ

Fancy something new? Then be sure to try out this recipe: chicken gyros, delicious and healthy. The secret of the Barbecook chicken gyros is in the marinade. The tasty, marinated chicken is perfect in combination with some rice and fine vegetables. For the preparation of chicken gyros, choose Barbecook's Junko and imagine yourself in beautiful, sunny Greece. 

Chicken gyros on the BBQ

Preparation of chicken gyros on the BBQ

As mentioned before, we choose the Junko for the preparation of the chicken gyros. Prepare the Junko for grilling by using some lighter cubes, some kindling and some dry wood blocks, preferably oak or beech. Don't have a Junko BBQ? Don't panic. You can also place our simmering pots between the hot coals of your charcoal barbecue or a fire basket.

Cut the chicken fillets into thin strips and set them aside. Cut the red and green peppers into strips and the onions into rings. Chop the red pepper finely. Do not rub your fingers around or in your eyes!

Mix all the ingredients for the marinade. Crumble the chicken stock cube and mix with the rest of the spices. Season the marinade to taste with salt and pepper. Mix the chicken, vegetables and marinade and leave to marinate for a while. This can go from half an hour to a whole night.

Take a Barbecook simmering pot and fill it with water. As soon as the water boils, add the rice. Do you want a long lasting feeling of satiation? Then choose brown rice instead of quick-cooking rice. Drain the rice.

Next, take the Barbecook wok pan and add a dash of olive oil. Put the marinated chicken gyros in the wok pan and let it fry gently. Stir the wok regularly so that the chicken strips are cooked to the core. Then add 100 ml of water and leave the chicken gyros to simmer for a few minutes.

Serve the chicken gyros with the rice. For an extra touch, you can chop an apple and add it to the wok.

Enjoy your meal!