Smoked frog legs

You either love them or you hate them: frog legs. Frog legs are considered a real delicacy in many countries. They are particularly popular in France and Asia, so it’s time for a little recipe à la Barbecook!

Smoked frog legs

Frog legs

Frog legs are trending. Some time ago, we only saw them on the menu of Chinese restaurants, but now they are also increasingly found in Belgian brasseries. Frog legs contain a lot of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. The taste is very mild, which is why they are often prepared with chilli peppers and lots of garlic. Furthermore, the texture and flavour of frog legs is very similar to that of chicken drumsticks.

Frog legs are mainly fried, both with and without breadcrumbs. In other countries, such as China, frog legs are boiled, braised or stewed. At Barbecook, we like to try new things. That’s why we use a smoker for our version of frog legs. Ready for some smoked frog legs?

Preparation of smoked frog legs in the smoker

We use Barbecook’s Oskar smoker for the preparation of the smoked frog legs. Prepare the smoker for use with the Barbecook charcoal starter. Place some Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom grid of the Oskar and fill the charcoal starter with charcoal. Light the lighter cubes and place the charcoal starter on top. After 15 minutes, a thin layer of grey ash will appear on the charcoal. Now it can be dropped into the bowl using the safe-drop system. Then wrap a handful of pre-soaked oak smoking chips in aluminium foil, poke a few holes in it and place on your charcoal. Fill the water dish ¾ full with water. The smoking chips will add a unique, subtle flavour to the frogs legs. The water will ensure that the frog legs don’t dry out and that the temperature in the smoker doesn’t become too hot.

Put all the spices in a bowl and mix them. Rub the frog legs with olive oil and stir them through the herb mixture. The olive oil will help the herbs to stick. Then place the frog legs on the Oskar grid and close the smoker. Thanks to the adjustable air supply, you retain control of the temperature throughout the process. Take particular care to ensure that the temperature doesn’t exceed 90°C. Allow the frog legs to smoke for about 45 minutes.

The smoked frog legs are delicious as an aperitif and become even tastier if you dip them in a home-made dipping sauce. We prefer a sweet dipping sauce.

Smoking chips

For this recipe we use Barbecook oak smoking chips. Feel like something more special? Then choose another flavour from our extensive range. We have hickory smoking chipssmoking chips with a subtle cherry flavourlemon smoking chips... The possibilities are endless.