Cold smoked cheese

Fancy a cosy aperitif or cheese board with some friends? Try out this fantastic recipe to prepare cold smoked cheese. A must-try for all cheese lovers! Say Cheese!

Cold smoked cheese

Smoking cheese

Cheese is life! At Barbecook, we fully agree. Of course, we always like to go the extra mile. That’s why we want to present you: cold smoked cheese. The smoky flavour combined with the soft creaminess of the cheese is truly delicious! For the perfect cold smoked cheese, it’s best to choose a type of cheese with a hard structure, such as Cheddar, Stilton or Gouda. We attach great importance to regional products and therefore we chose for Flandrien cheese in this recipe. Go on a discovery tour and get to know all the artisan cheeses that your region has to offer. 

Preparation of cold smoked cheese in the smoker

Cut your cheese block into large slices of 200 grams with a thickness of 2 centimetres. Fill the Barbecook cold smoke generator with smoke dust. For this recipe we use Barbecook’s beech smoke dust. Place a tea light in the smoke generator and light it with the Barbecook lighter or Barbecook matches. When the smoke dust begins to smoulder, blow out the candle and place the smoke generator at the bottom of the Oskar smoker. Place the pieces of cheese on the grill. It is important that the pieces of cheese do not touch each other, so that the smoke can circulate freely between the different pieces. Close the lid of your Oskar smoker and open the air supply to maintain a good air circulation. Smoke the cheese for about 8 hours. After 4 hours of smoking, turn the cheese over. Make sure that the temperature remains below 25 °C during the entire process. If it gets hotter, the cheese might start to melt. After 8 hours, the cheese is ready and can be taken out of the smoker. Serve with some dried sausage, nuts and some vegetables. Perfect in combination with a delicious regional beer or a glass of red wine! Enjoy!

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Cold smoked cheese in different dishes

Cold smoked cheese is delicious as a snack, but you can also integrate it in various other dishes. Cold smoked cheese is ideal for grating or mixing with hot dishes. For example, sprinkle the cold smoked cheese over pasta, cut the cheese into slices to integrate in your lasagne or use it as a topping for a quiche. You can also mix it in your salad: a Ceasar salad with cold smoked cheese instead of Parmesan! Yummy, delicious!