Smoked Parmesan cheese

Are you a real cheese fan, but would you like to try something else than the classic camembert on the barbecue? Then this smoking recipe is definitely a nice challenge for you! Many people already have a taste for smoking meat or fish in a smoker, but did you know that you can even smoke vegetables, fruit and dairy products? Absolutely worth a try! In this recipe, we are going to smoke Parmesan cheese. Smoking cheese? Yes, it’s possible, provided you smoke it cold. In this way, the Parmesan cheese won't melt, but will nicely retain its structure. Ready for a challenge? 

Smoked Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese 

Parmesan cheese - known in Italy as Parmigiano Reggiano - is a hard, crumbly cheese that has a fairly intense and powerful flavour. Parmigiano Reggiano comes from the region of Parma. Only the cheeses that come from the provinces of Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilie may bear the name 'Parmesan'. This delicacy is often used to grate dishes, to add thin slices to a salad or to sprinkle on a tasty spaghetti bolognaise. In this recipe, we take a completely different approach. We're going to smoke the Parmesan cheese!

Preparation of smoked Parmesan cheese

There are two ways of smoking: hot and cold. In this recipe, we opt for cold smoking. As this is done at a temperature between 20 and 25 °C, the cheese won’t start to melt. Since the temperature must remain low, it’s best not to prepare this recipe during the hot summer months. Smoking Parmesan cheese will result in a delicious taste bomb with a smoky touch and it will extend the shelf life of your cheese.

image -leftTo prepare the smoked Parmesan cheese, we use the Oskar smoker. We use beech smoking dust as flavouring. First of all, fill the cold smoke generator completely with the smoking dust and place it in the Oskar smoker. Place a tea light at the end of the generator's coil and light it. As soon as the smoking dust begins to smoulder, remove the tea light and place the Parmesan cheese on the grid in the smoker. Now close everything and leave for two hours.

That's it! You can now crumble the smoked Parmesan cheese and mix it through a Caesar salad, serve it in pieces during the aperitif or grate it through a warm pasta. Enjoy!