Wok of chicken, noodles and vegetables on the BBQ

Wok is an incredibly fun way to whip up a surprising dish. You create a bomb of flavours in one pan and end up with very little washing up, win win! If you then prepare all this above an authentic wood fire, it becomes even better. Discover Barbecook's fantastic wok with chicken, noodles and vegetables made with the Junko wood BBQ!

Wok of chicken, noodles and vegetables on the BBQ

Wok o'clock! 

Wok is an enormously popular cooking technique which originated in Asia, more specifically in the Chinese city of Canton. A wok pan generally has a long handle, but in Indonesia they use a pan with two handles, the 'wadjan'. At Barbecook, a wok pan is used without handles or grips, as the pan is held by the pulley system of the Junko BBQ. A wok dish usually consists of meat, fish or poultry accompanied by tasty, crispy vegetables and noodles. This mix is fried on a high heat, briefly and vigorously, so as to preserve the fresh and healthy taste of your ingredients.

Preparation of a wok dish with chicken, noodles and vegetables on the BBQ

For the preparation of the wok with chicken, noodles and vegetables we use Barbecook's Junko. This wood BBQ consists of a tripod, a fire bowl and a sturdy pulley system on which you can hang a grid, a simmer pot or a pan. For this recipe we use a Barbecook simmering pot and a wok pan made of enamelled cast iron.

First of all, light the fire in your fire bowl. Place a few lighter cubes and some kindling in the middle of the bowl and build a pyramid of dry logs around it. Preferably use oak or beech wood. Light the lighter cubes with a long match or lighter. Once the fire is burning, keep adding blocks where it's burning less.

Cook the noodles in water until they are done. You can do this in a cast iron simmering pot of Barbecook. Once done, drain the noodles. Then hang the wok pan over the fire.

Cut the courgettes, peppers and spring onions into pieces.

Put a dash of peanut or rice oil in the wok pan and fry the marinated chicken pieces. Add the soya shoots and the pieces of courgette and pepper to the wok pan and fry until everything is cooked. Then add the cooked noodles. Stir-fry them together with all the other ingredients so that the flavours can mingle. Stir-fry is to be taken literally: you stir the dish continuously so that all the ingredients cook evenly. Finally, add the spring onions and pumpkin seeds.

Enjoy your meal!