Viva España with Nestor

No worries if Spain isn’t on your travel list this summer! We’re bringing the delightful flavors of authentic paella to your own backyard! Imagine: creamy rice, grilled seafood, the sound of a crackling wood fire and of course Barbecook Nestor stealing the show as your culinary guide. Let yourself be swept away by Spanish passion! Vamos a cocinar!

Viva España with Nestor

¿Paella, Qué?
Paella, the world-famous Spanish dish, originated in the rice fields of Valencia. Originally, paella was a meal for farmers and workers, made with available local ingredients: rice, fresh vegetables, and either rabbit, chicken, or snails. All were cooked in a large, shallow pan over an open fire. Over time, the dish has evolved and diversified, including the well-known 'paella de marisco', but the essence of gathering and sharing this rich, savory meal remains unchanged. Paella is not just a culinary masterpiece but also a symbol of Spanish culture and hospitality.



Let's go back to basics and enjoy a paella cooked over the open flame of the Barbecook Nestor! Grab a few logs, light them up with some fire starters and wait until you have a beautiful blaze. Once the plates are hot, rub them with sunflower oil. Then place the Barbecook skewer holder right in the dynamic center of the Nestor and you're ready to start!

We kick off with a quick grilling session for the seafood! This way, we can then start on the rice without worries. Briefly grill the shrimps, langoustines, squid rings and calamari steaks on the plates of Nestor. Season them with fish spices, pepper, and salt. The squid and calamari can also be seasoned with paella spices to get that typical color. Remove the seafood from the fire and set it aside. Next, we grill the mussels and shellfish on the plates, along with some mussel vegetables, pepper, and salt. Deglaze everything with a splash of white wine. Set these aside as well.

prep - leftprep - right

Next, place the large Barbecook Junko paella pan on the elevated grill of the Nestor! Pour some olive oil into the pan and add the paella rice. Let the rice sear briefly to get that delicious grilled flavor. Then add two parts of liquid for every part of rice, consisting of a mix of fish broth, white wine and water. Also, add the bell pepper cubes. Let everything simmer gently so all the flavors can beautifully come together.

papri - leftpapri - right

Don’t skimp on the spices! Generously use paella spices, fish spices, pepper and salt to season everything. Let it all simmer nicely. When it's almost ready, add the previously grilled seafood back into the pan and let everything stew together for a while to blend the flavors. Be sure to set aside some of the prettiest seafood to lay on top of the paella for an attractive presentation.

Once the paella is done, remove the pan from the heat and let it rest for 20 minutes, covered with aluminum foil. This allows the flavors to meld beautifully! Finish with fresh parsley and fresh lemon. Buen provecho!

lekker - leftlekker - right

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