Smoked mussels with white wine

At Barbecook, we love classics. Every year, a big smile appears on our face when we hear that the ‘Zeeland’ mussels are back. Mussels are meaty, rich in vitamins and conjure up summer on your plate. Smoked mussels with white wine are also finger-licking good. Serve with some French bread and a fresh lemon mussel dip. Ready to dream away to summery places?

Smoked mussels with white wine

Mussels in the smoker

For the preparation of the smoked mussels with white wine we use the Barbecook Oskar. This smoker gives more character to your preparations and can be used for both cold and hot smoking. The Barbecook Oskar is equipped with a dish which you can fill with liquids such as water or wine and which is used to keep the temperature in the smoker perfectly under control. Thanks to its unique shape, this dish is multifunctional. For example, it can also be used to prepare mussels. Place the dish on the upper ring and smoke!

To give the mussels even more flavour, we use smoking chips in our smoker. Smoking chips are about two centimeters thick and are used for hot smoking. Wrap some pre-soaked smoking chips in aluminium foil, prick a few holes and place the package on your charcoal. We smoke the mussels with the Barbecook lemon smoking chips. These provide a subtle lemon taste. Delicious!

Preparation of smoked mussels with white wine in the smoker

Rinse the mussels several times under cold running water and discard all open mussels. If desired, you can let the mussels rest for a while in salted water with some flour. In this way, the mussels will 'spit out' all the last bits of sand and dirt.

Light the Barbecook Oskar with the Barbecook charcoal starter. Place a few Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom grid of the Oskar, fill the charcoal starter with charcoal and place it above the lighter cubes. Light the cubes using the Barbecook matches or a lighter and wait until a layer of ash appears on the coals. Add some more coals and wait again. Then drop the coals into the barbecue bowl and the smoking can begin!

Fill the water dish with the rinsed mussels and mussel vegetables and season with pepper, salt, fresh dill and a generous splash of white wine. Close the lid of the smoker and place the package with the soaked smoking chips on the charcoal. Ensure a temperature of about 150°C by opening the air supply both at the top and bottom. Mussels don't need that long, so check them in time and stir them briefly. After about ten minutes, the mussels are ready to serve.

In the meantime, mix all the ingredients for the mussel dip and season to taste. Serve the smoked mussels with white wine with some French bread and dip. Truly delicious!

Extra tips

Do you want to look like a real pro? Then wear a Barbecook leather apron!