Lacquered Breydel bacon with peanuts

At Barbecook, we love trying something new, like a not-so-typical barbecue dish. Don't you? No chicken legs or ribs for a while, but a juicy piece of lacquered Breydels bacon with peanuts! Below, we explain step by step how to prepare it on the BBQ. Get your salads and sauces ready, because this looks set to be a success!

Lacquered Breydel bacon with peanuts

Where does the name Breydel's bacon come from?

Yes it does! You might have guessed, but Breydelspek is named after Jan Breydel, a legendary hero of the 14th century! During the Battle of the Golden Spurs, he and Pieter De Coninck secured victory for the Flemings. After the victory, a big feast was supposedly organised and what was eaten? Right indeed, pork! Jan Breydel, then, was not for nothing a pork butcher by profession. This pork later became known as "Breydel's bacon" in honour of the heroic men. Pretty awesome right?

Lacquered Breydel bacon on the Nestor

In this blog post, we not only try out a new recipe, but also make use of our newest wood barbecue: the Barbecook Nestor! The Nestor is a multi-functional wood BBQ that revolves around the four pillars Easy Start, Easy Cook, Easy Clean and Easy Upgrade. This barbecue is all about good food and being together around the fire!

Preparation of lacquered Breydel bacon with peanuts

Mix the Liège syrup, mustard, ketchup, honey and soy sauce. This is the marinade we will use later. We will prepare the Breydel bacon on the Barbecook Nestor, a wood barbecue that will transform your Breydel bacon into a true taste sensation! Light the Nestor using a few Barbecook firelighters. Start your fire centrally and when the wood burns well, you can spread it under the edges of the cooking plates. This way you create heat zones. After this, grease the grill plates with sunflower oil. Next, place the Breydel bacon on the hot plates of the Nestor, turning it regularly. Periodically spread the marinade on the Breydel bacon while grilling. You can do this easily with the Barbecook marinade brush. The marinade gives the bacon a nice crispy layer and the sweet and savoury flavours of the marinade are absorbed by the meat. When the Breydel bacon is ready, remove it from the bbq and finish with pieces of peanut. These crunchy nuts give the dish an extra crunchy texture and a subtle hint of flavour. Tasty!

Are you more of a fan of a charcoal barbecue? No problem, this recipe is also perfect to prepare on our Barbecook Magnus.

Maintenance of your Nestor

Would you like to know more about the best way to maintain your Nestor? Then be sure to read the following blog post.

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