Orange cake made in a fire basket

Nothing is more cosy than an evening with friends around the fire pit. At Barbecook, we love such cosy evenings, so we think it’s great to provide an appropriate dessert. When barbecuing, usually desserts with pineapple, grilled bananas with chocolate or marshmallows are served, but at Barbecook we like to get creative! How about a fiery orange cake? An easy dessert and moreover delicious!

Orange cake made in a fire basket

Barbecook's fire baskets

Spending hours around the fire basket talking with friends, fantastic! A fire basket can be used all year long, it has its charm during every season. It provides extra fun during a cosy summer evening, but it's also amazing during the winter. Add a fleece blanket and you can make it an extra long and especially a magical evening. Barbecook has an extensive assortment of fire baskets, such as the JuraSierraModern... plenty of choice!

Preparation of orange cake in a fire basket

We use the Barbecook Jura for the preparation of this very easy dessert. Of course, you can prepare this orange cake in any fire basket.

Let's get started! Beat the butter with sugar and add the eggs to this mixture. Mix well and add the flour and cocoa powder. Keep mixing well to get an airy cake. Then add the chocolate pieces. Cut the top of the orange and hollow it out completely. You can eat the flesh of the orange if you want. Fill the hollowed out orange with dough and place the cap back on the orange. Wrap it all up in aluminium foil.

Next, light the fire basket and wait until the smoke has cleared and the fire is stable. Place the oranges along the side of the fire basket. Do not put them in the middle of the fire. Let the aluminium packets cook for about 20 to 30 minutes until the orange cake is ready. Then take the oranges out of the fire basket. For this you can use one of Barbecook's tongs. Take the cake out of the aluminium foil and finish it as you like. 

We think the orange cake is delicious in combination with some nuts and fresh mint. Of course, the possibilities are endless. This dessert is also delicious in combination with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, fruit colli or marshmallows.