Hot smoked rainbow trout with rosemary

Who doesn't like to end a blissful summer day with a good barbecue or smoking session? Today, we bring out the smoker to prepare a delicious hot smoked rainbow trout with rosemary. Irresistible!

Hot smoked rainbow trout with rosemary

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout is a fish with a salmon-coloured flesh. It gets its pink colour from eating shrimps and crayfish. The taste of the rainbow trout is soft and sweet. You can buy this fish all year long. Moreover, rainbow trout can be found on all continents except the Antarctic.

Preparation of hot smoked rainbow trout with rosemary

For the preparation of the hot smoked rainbow trout with rosemary we use Barbecook's Otto 2.0 smoker, an extremely user-friendly smoker which turns your preparations into incredible taste bombs! We use oak smoking chips in this recipe. They go perfectly with fish. It’s important to soak the chips in water for a while beforehand.

Clean the rainbow trout and rinse it thoroughly. Then pat it dry with some kitchen paper. Stuff the rainbow trout with a few branches of rosemary.

Place a handful of soaked smoking chips in the chip tray of your Otto 2.0 smoker. Place the rainbow trout with rosemary on the grid and slide the grid into the smoker. Use Barbecook's digital thermometer to keep control of the cooking process of your rainbow trout. Close the smoker and plug it in. After about 20 minutes you should reach a perfect core temperature of +- 65 °C.

Tip: To serve the trout fillet beautifully, make an incision with a knife just behind the head. Then cut along the back of the fish to separate the meat from the bone. With the knife and a spatula, you can now remove the meat from the bones and serve on a plate.


Barbecook's smoking accessories

Did you know that it’s also possible to add a delicious smoke flavour to your dishes without having a Barbecook smoker? If you have a gas barbecue, you can for example choose Barbecook's smoker box. Fill this box with soaked smoking chips of your choice and place it in the designated area of your gas barbecue. This will ensure a circulation of delicious smoke aromas when you start grilling. Barbecook’s smoke planks are also ideal to add a smoky flavour to your ingredients. These are available in cedar woodbeech wood and alder wood. Amazing!