Sweet apricot spare ribs in the BBQ smoker

Ribs on the barbecue are loved by everyone. There are many different recipes for spare ribs on the barbecue, but at Barbecook we love to go the extra mile. In this recipe, the spare ribs are gently smoked in the Barbecook Oskar smoker and served with sweet apricots. Truly the best dish to conjure up summer on your plate. Ready to try out this sweet apricot spare ribs recipe?

Sweet apricot spare ribs in the BBQ smoker

Smoking with a BBQ smoker

Do you like dishes with an authentic taste full of character? Then smoking is definitely something for you. Smoking used to be a method of preserving food for longer. Now it’s mainly used to add extra flavours to your favourite preparations. It’s considered one of the purest and healthiest ways to prepare food, as it doesn’t require oil or butter. Meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, vegetables, cheese... in principle, you can prepare anything you put on the barbecue in the smoker. Based on which smoking chips, wood chunks or smoking dust you use, you add a specific flavour to your favourite barbecue dishes, such as spare ribs.

Preparation of sweet apricot spare ribs in the BBQ smoker

We start by removing the white membrane from the back of the spare ribs. The best way to do this is to pull the membrane up with the handle of a fork and then remove it in one tug. Next, we prepare the rub for the spare ribs. Mix all the ingredients for the rub together and rub the spare ribs. We recommend that you leave the spare ribs in the fridge overnight to get the ultimate flavour. This step is best performed one day in advance.

For the preparation of the spare ribs, we use the Barbecook Oskar. The Oskar serves as a smoker but also as a barbecue. Light the Oskar with the Barbecook charcoal starter. Place some Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom grid, fill the charcoal starter with charcoal and place it above the lighter cubes. Light the cubes and wait until a grey layer of ash appears on the charcoal. After this, safely drop the charcoal using the safe-drop system and add some additional coals. Wait again until a gray layer appears on the coals.

Place the spare ribs on the top grid of the smoker, fill the stock bowl with stock or water and close the lid of the Oskar. The stock bowl also serves as a tool for indirect grilling as it forms a kind of separation between the fire and the spareribs. Let the spare ribs cook gently for 2 to 3 hours, checking the temperature regularly. It’s important that it doesn’t go above 120°C. You can easily regulate the temperature using the adjustable air supply at the top and bottom of the appliance. It’s important not to open the Oskar during this process. 

Meanwhile, mix all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl. Season the mixture to your own taste. Do you like it extra sweet? Then add some extra chili sauce. Do you like a slightly more acidic sauce? Then add some extra white wine vinegar.

After 2-3 hours of cooking, check to see if the bone of the ribs is already visible. Is the bone not yet visible? Then let the spare ribs cook for another hour in the smoker. Is the bone in the ribs visible? Then it's time to start smoking. Remove the spare ribs from the grill for a moment, spread them with the homemade sauce using Barbecook's saucepot & marinade brush and put them back on the grill. Wrap a handful of pre-soaked oak smoking chips in aluminium foil, poke a few holes in it, place on your charcoal and close the smoker. Let the spareribs smoke for a good hour.

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For the preparation of the apricots we use the Barbecook Loewy. Make the barbecue grill-ready in 15 minutes by using the QuickStart® system. Cut the apricots in half and remove the stone. Rub the apricots with olive oil and place them on the Loewy. Let the apricots grill for 15 minutes on the charcoal grill.

Prick the spare ribs with a skewer to test if they are done. Do you pass it effortlessly? Then the spare ribs are ready and can be served with the grilled apricots. Finish the sweet apricot spare ribs with fresh thyme, if desired.

Ready to taste the fun?