Easy Lunch Recipe with Nestor: Courgetti Bolognese

Who says BBQing has to take all day? Discover how to quickly and easily prepare a healthy lunch with our recipe for Courgetti Bolognese. With the Barbecook Nestor, we whip up this delicious dish in no time, perfect for those days when you're short on time but still want to eat well.

Easy Lunch Recipe with Nestor: Courgetti Bolognese

Easy, healthy, and delicious!

It all starts with prepping our Nestor. We light it up with some fire starters and a match. Once the plates are hot, we treat them with some natural oil to prevent sticking. Then it’s time to start on our bolognese sauce. We opt for chicken mince - a tasty and healthier choice when spiced up with a generous amount of chicken seasoning. We grill the mince until it’s nicely browned. At the same time, we place diced bell peppers, courgette strands, and mushrooms on the grill.

Once the chicken mince is cooked, we add passata and the grilled bell peppers. For a fresh twist, we squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the courgette strands. Using a Barbecook tong, we lift the strands onto a plate. Over the courgetti, we ladle a good spoonful of our flavorful sauce. As a finishing touch, we add the grilled mushrooms, generously sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and some fresh basil. A dish to lick your fingers!

Extra tip!

To make things easy, we place the Dynamic Centre Skewer Holder in the middle of the Nestor. This acts as a handy 'food bumper' to prevent ingredients from falling into the fire. Bon appétit and look forward to more delicious and easy lunch recipes with Nestor!

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