Spare ribs on the BBQ

A barbecue party isn't complete without ribs. Fancy something new? Then definitely try our version of spare ribs with a Barbecook marinade or rub! Juicy on the inside, but still deliciously crispy on the outside. Let’s try it out!

Spare ribs on the BBQ

Go big or go home

We use the Barbecook Siesta 412 to prepare the spare ribs. A Siesta gas BBQ has it all: the look, the features and the user-friendliness. This high-quality gas barbecue with a durable 'reppellent glass' finish is the perfect BBQ for those who really want to prepare everything on the BBQ. A complete switch from indoor cooking to outdoor cooking, it's possible!

Marinade versus rub

The secret behind every barbecue dish lies in the seasoning. By infusing a seasoning mixture into your ingredients before or during grilling, your ingredients will remain tender and you will create more flavour. When seasoning your dishes, you can choose between a marinade or a rub.

A marinade is a mixture of oil, acid and spices. A marinade aims to add extra flavour and can be used for meat, fish and vegetables. Adding a little honey or sugar to the meat marinade will caramelise your meat nicely.

Follow the instructions in your recipe to know how long your ingredients should marinate. Fish, for example, generally needs to marinate for much less time than meat, given its tender structure.

A rub is a mixture of sugar and dried, coarsely ground herbs and spices. When you rub meat or poultry, it first becomes moist. This is because the salt extracts the moisture from the meat. Then the meat absorbs the salt and the seasoning. So, unlike a marinade, a rub does not add moisture to the meat, which helps to retain the bite of the meat. We recommend leaving meat, fish and vegetables to soak for about 45 minutes each.


Preparation of spare ribs on the BBQ

In this recipe, we choose to marinate one part of the spare ribs with a marinade and to rub the other part of the spare ribs with a home-made rub. Both the marinade and the rub are super easy to prepare. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients.

Before seasoning the spare ribs, it’s important to pat them dry and cut off all loose bits of fat. We also recommend removing the white membrane from the hollow side of the spare ribs. That way, the flavours can penetrate even deeper into the meat. Next, rub half of the spare ribs with the home-made rub and the other half with the home-made marinade. The Barbecook stainless steel saucepot with brush or any other Barbecook marinade brush are useful for this. Let the spare ribs rest for about 2 hours in the marinade and about 45 minutes in the rub.

Prepare the Siesta for grilling. Roast the spare ribs on the highest setting and turn them every 5 minutes with one of our Barbecook grill tongs. After turning the spare ribs with marinade, you can rub them with marinade again. This step is not necessary for the spare ribs with the rub. Repeat the previous step until the spare ribs are done.

Good luck!

Extra tips

Make it even easier on yourself and choose the Barbecook meat and rib rack. Place the rack on your charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue, place the spare ribs in it and let's grill!