Spicy chicken wings on the BBQ

Chicken wings, an American classic! Imbued with a spicy marinade and prepared on the barbecue, chicken wings are a real treat for the taste buds! A BBQ snack that makes everyone lick their fingers, both literally and figuratively. Barbecook would love to teach you how to prepare the most delicious spicy chicken wings on the BBQ. Let’s go for it!

Spicy chicken wings on the BBQ

Preparation of spicy chicken wings on the BBQ

We use a Kamal kamado barbecue to prepare the spicy chicken wings. Of course, you are free to choose which barbecue you use for preparing the chicken wings, as long as it has a lid. We briefly repeat how to safely light your kamado barbecue. First of all, it’s important that your barbecue stands on a stable surface, far from flammable objects. Also make sure that children always stay at a safe distance. Once this is ok, you can light the kamado barbecue. Fill the stainless steel charcoal basket for about ½ with charcoal and light it with three firelighters. The ceramic body around the basket (firepot) holds the heat perfectly and ensures that the flame is lit quickly. Let's go!

Mix everything for the rub of the chicken wings in a cutter or mortar. Mash finely. Also put everything for the marinade in a measuring cup and mix finely. Marinate the chicken wings overnight in this liquid. You can put them in a plastic bag or box. Store cold.

After marinating overnight, remove the chicken wings from the marinade and drain them. Pour the marinade into a pot. Use Barbecook's stainless steel saucepot for this. Now sprinkle the rub on the wings and place the seasoned chicken wings on Barbecook's stainless steel grill topper. Place it on the barbecue. Brush the chicken wings with the marinade every 10 minutes. You do this with one of Barbecook's handy marinade brushes. Turn the chicken wings regularly. In between, close the lid of your barbecue. After half an hour, the chicken wings are ready!

In the meantime, prepare the dipping sauce. Finely chop the fresh herbs. Grate the daikon and cucumber. Mix with the ricotta, yoghurt, lime juice, pepper, salt and chopped herbs.

Serve the spicy chicken wings with the fresh dipping sauce!

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Chicken wing rack

Chicken wings on the BBQ are a real hit! Did you know that Barbecook even has a super handy accessory for indirectly grilling chicken wings on the barbecue? The chicken wing rack! You can also hang other delicacies on it, like drumsticks or prawns. We leave the creative interpretation to you!