Paella with grilled prawns on the BBQ

Once in a while we need some southern vibes to get our positivism back! And Barbecook is more than happy to help, because how about a delicious paella with prawns prepared with Barbecook's Junko wood barbecue? Olé! 

Paella with grilled prawns on the BBQ

Paella, a delicious recipe with Spanish temperament

If you have already travelled to Spain, you have undoubtedly eaten at least once the classic of the Spanish cuisine: paella! A delicious recipe imbued with different flavours. The classic paella, which originated in Valencia, includes rabbit as one of its main ingredients. However, today there are many variations on this classic paella. Discover Barbecook's unique paella dish! 

Preparation of paella with grilled prawns on the BBQ

For the preparation of the paella with grilled prawns we use the Junko wood barbecue. This barbecue consists of a tripod, a fire bowl and a pulley system on which a grid, pot or pan can be hung. With this multifunctional barbecue, you will undoubtedly prepare the best paella ever!

First of all, light the fire bowl. Put some lighter cubes and kindling in the middle of the bowl and stack some dry logs around it. Light the kindling and cubes with a long match or lighter. Once the fire is burning, you should always add logs to the places where it’s burning less.

Hang Barbecook's barbecue pan on the pulley of your Junko wood BBQ. Allow the pan to heat up and add some olive oil. Briefly fry the prawns. When they get some colour, remove the prawns from the pan.

Cut the chorizo, peppers and onion into pieces and fry in the barbecue pan. Now add the paella rice as well. Stir-fry with all the other ingredients and deglaze with a glass of white wine. Then gradually add the chicken stock (double the amount of rice) until the rice has absorbed all the liquid. Colour the paella with turmeric and finish off with the peas and the prawns. Leave everything to cook together for a few more minutes so that all the flavours mix well.

And that's it! Add a nice glass of Sangria and you will imagine yourself to be in southern Spain.

Extra tips

Always wear heat-resistant gloves when working with fire. An accident can happen quickly! Choose from Barbecook's range of high-quality gloves.