Pita Duroc pork neck in the smoker

Fancy a super deluxe next level pita? Then choose Barbecook's pita Duroc pork neck, the perfect snack for a cosy evening with friends and/or family. In this Barbecook recipe, we explain you how to prepare pork neck in a smoker. Ready for a new challenge?

Pita Duroc pork neck in the smoker

Duroc, what?

The Duroc pig is a pig breed originating from the United States. The pig is easily recognised by its red coat and drooping ears. Duroc pigs are known for their dark, tender and juicy meat. This is due to their high amount of intramuscular fat, which also provides extra flavour. 

Preparation of pita Duroc pork neck in the smoker

Marinating meat can often take a long time. That's why we always recommend to do it a day in advance. That way you spread the work out and add extra flavour to the Duroc pork neck. Grind the star anise, allspice, coriander, cumin and mustard seeds in a mortar. Mix the sugar with thyme, pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, ginger and the fine spice mixture from the mortar. Make small incisions in the Duroc pork neck and rub the meat with this mixture. Thanks to the indentations, the mixture is better absorbed into the meat. Make it easy on yourself and choose the Barbecook saucepot and marinade brush. Wrap the Duroc pork neck in aluminium foil and leave to marinade overnight in the fridge. Then remove the pork neck from the aluminium foil and let it dry on a grill for 3 hours.

We use the Barbecook Oskar to prepare the Duroc pork neck. Prepare the Oskar for use with the Barbecook charcoal starter. Place a few Barbecook lighter cubes on the bottom grid of the Oskar. Fill the charcoal starter with charcoal, place it above the lighter cubes and light them. After 15 minutes, a white layer will appear on the coals and you can use the safe-drop system to drop the coals into the Oskar's bowl. Then wrap some pre-soaked olive smoking chips in aluminium foil, prick a few holes in the package and put it on the coals. These will provide a deliciously subtle flavour. Place the Duroc pork neck on the barbecue grid and close the Oskar. Thanks to the adjustable air supply at the top and bottom of the smoker, you retain full control throughout the smoking process. Allow the Duroc pork neck to smoke for approximately 8 to 10 hours at a temperature between 100°C and 120°C. After an hour, add some beer in the water dish of the Barbecook Oskar. The vapour of the beer will ensure that the pork neck remains nice and juicy. Moreover, the beer gives it extra aroma.

After 8 to 10 hours, the Duroc pork neck can be taken out of the smoker. Place the pork in an oven dish and let it cook for another hour on the gas barbecue. We choose the Barbecook Stella. Thanks to the built-in thermometer, we keep perfect control of the temperature in the barbecue. This should be around 170 °C. After an hour the Duroc pork is ready and you can easily pull it apart with a Barbecook grill fork.

Cut the gherkins, tomatoes and carrots into slices and leave the bacon to grill on the Stella for another ten minutes. Pat the bacon dry and cut into crumbles. Also place the Turkish bread rolls on the Stella for a while. That way, they will get crispy.

Mix all the ingredients for the cocktail sauce and finish with fresh parsley.

Cut the Turkish rolls in half and fill them with the Duroc pork, tomato, carrot, gherkin and the homemade cocktail sauce. Finish with the bacon crumble and garlic mayonnaise.