Pasta with grilled chicken fillets and tomatoes

Chicken is a part of many people's menu at least once a week! That seems a lot, but with chicken you can vary endlessly. Also on the BBQ the possibilities are very extensive. A rotisserie chicken, a chicken on a poultry holder or simply some grilled chicken fillets, everything is possible! In this recipe we make delicious chicken fillets with tomatoes on the BBQ accompanied by a good pasta. Enjoy your meal!

Pasta with grilled chicken fillets and tomatoes

Chicken fillets on the BBQ

If you grill chicken fillets on the BBQ, it’s important to first rub them with some oil or marinade. Don't overdo this though, because dripping fat causes flames! Fry the chicken pieces for about 6 minutes on each side, but just to be sure, always check if the chicken inside has turned white and is no longer pink, because pink is out of the question! 

Preparation of chicken fillets on the BBQ

Before we start preparing the chicken fillets on the BBQ, we warm up a pot of water in the kitchen for the pasta.

For the preparation of the chicken fillets and the tomatoes we will use the Loewy charcoal barbecue. A charcoal barbecue can easily reach very high temperatures. We light the appliance using the QuickStart system: simple, safe and fast!

Cut the single chicken fillets open and flatten them between 2 sheets of cling film to a thickness of about 0.5 cm. Brush the chicken fillets with the olive oil. Preferably do this with a Barbecook brush such as the Barbecook brush with wooden handle. Cook the chicken on a high heat together with the cherry tomatoes.

Mix the al dente pasta with the tomato tapenade and add the grilled chicken and tomatoes. Finish with the green herbs, pepper, salt and ras el hanout.


Extra tips

At the start of a BBQ party we have the reflex to immediately display all our preparations beautifully. However, not everything will be put immediately on the BBQ. For example, at a BBQ there are often several courses such as appetizers, a main course and maybe even a dessert. Since we are talking about raw ingredients, it isn’t smart to take everything out of your fridge at the same time and place it in the sun. Try to take your ingredients out of the fridge only right before you effectively put them on the BBQ. This prevents bacteria from multiplying. However, you can take meat out of the fridge a little earlier and let it come to room temperature indoors. This way the meat doesn’t get shocked when it’s put on the BBQ and you avoid a tough result.